Wellness Enterprises: Pioneers in Smarter Water

Wellness Enterprises, the official water sponsor of LOHAS 2009, has been making waves with a brand new home product, Wellness Kitchen, and also with its Wellness H2.O water bottle. Both produce “smarter water” right from your tap. The company’s filtration products utilize the newest technology to eliminate contaminants, viruses and bacteria and actually enhance the water’s health and hydration properties through Japanese minerals built right in.

Wellness Filtration Systems uses Japanese volcanic rocks (Source: www. wellnessfilter.com)
Wellness Filtration Systems uses Japanese volcanic rocks (Source: www. wellnessfilter.com)

Blue Living Ideas had a chance to speak with Wellness Enterprises about these new products. Here is what they had to say.

BLI: We understand that Wellness Enterprises has taken a stand against the problem of accumulating plastic water bottles. How so?

WE: Wellness Enterprises is working to end the build up of plastic throwaway water bottles in landfills (26 billion per year) as well as the energy and emissions it takes to manufacture plastic through its “End Bottled Water” campaign. The campaign is targeted to consumers to stop buying throwaway plastic bottles and start using reusable bottles, such as the Wellness H2.O water bottle, as well as at-home filtration systems like Wellness Kitchen to produce their own filtered and optimized water from any tap, reducing personal cost and major environmental tolls. Purchasing one Wellness H2.O bottle per year saves one consumer up to $1000 and the 1,100 bottles from landfills each year.

The Wellness Kitchen Filter (Countertop version)
The Wellness Kitchen Filter (Countertop version)

BLI: What exactly is the Wellness Kitchen?

WE: The Wellness Kitchen is a revolutionary water filtration system that utilizes the most advanced water purification technology (using Japanese volcanic rocks) and delivers wonderful tasting water. The filtration cartridge lasts for one year or 1,200 gallons, and a simple light indicator shows the cartridge status. The cartridge change procedure is revolutionary; simply pull on the handle and twist the cartridge counterclockwise to remove. The sanitary housing prevents you from ever having to touch a wet and potentially hazardous cartridge.

BLI: Why is the Wellness Kitchen filtration system different from other filters?

WE: Unlike other filters on the market, the Wellness Kitchen delivers a full stream of purified water β€” over one gallon per minute, double the average system, and enough to use for all your beverage and cooking needs.

BLI: Where can one buy it and how much does it cost?

WE: The Wellness Kitchen retails for $595.00 but it is not out on the market yet. We are officially launching the product this summer at ABC Carpet and Home Company in New York City and also online at www.wellnessfilter.com.

BLI: What is the Wellness H2.O water bottle? How is this different from other water bottles?

WE: The Wellness H2.O water bottle is a portable, reusable water bottle with built-in filter that not only eliminates contaminants and chlorine from water but it also enhances the water through Japanese volcanic minerals built right into the filter. The minerals are proven to aid in better food absorption, cell hydration and taste qualities.

The Wellness H2.O water bottle
The Wellness H2.O water bottle

BLI: Is it made of plastic? If so, then what about the fact that water leaches plastic?

WE: The Wellness H2.O water bottle is made from low-density polyethylene, a plastic that does not leach harmful plasticizers such as BPA, and used cartridges are re-purposed for organic turf farming. The Wellness H2.O water bottle is the first product of its kind, providing portable purification and enhancement for the highest quality water without the environmental waste or cost, putting an end to the bottled water cycle.

BLI: Who is Wellness Enterprises’ target audience?

WE: Wellness Enterprises’ target market is anyone interested in drinking better-than-bottled pure, optimized water from their own tap in order to stay healthier, more hydrated and reduce their environmental impact – from a busy mom to a corporate executive to teens and retirees β€” everyone can benefit from pure, enhanced water to stay healthy and more hydrated while reducing their eco-footprint through throwaway plastic bottles.

BLI: What does the company hope to achieve by having sponsored the LOHAS conference?

WE: Wellness Enterprises is committed to serving and growing the LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) community, a group of passionate individuals and corporations who are dedicated to changing consumer perceptions and actions when it comes to lifestyles of health and sustainability. Together, we can bring critical support and attention to the bottled water crisis. The Wellness Enterprises products, specifically the Wellness H2.O and Wellness Kitchen, bring a realistic and tangible alternative to forward-thinking, eco-friendly consumers and corporations.

For more info on Wellness products, purchasing and the “End Bottled Water” campaign, check out www.endbottledwater.com.

Written by Reenita Malhotra


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  1. I have a wellness system under the sink model called wellness system under the sink cannot reach anyone do you know if they are stiill in business? or do you know who made their filters or how I could get new filters. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you
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