Waterwall Fatboy 650G Rainwater Tanks

Waterwall is a rainwater storage tank designed to double as both a water storage tank and a garden privacy or protection wall. As they tell the story, one of the two Australian founders, Mitch, had two pressing needs: Fence off his garden from wallabees and capture rainwater that he could store close to his garden. Solution? Make one contraption for both- and the waterwall was born.

Since 2000, Waterwall has been making and selling what they have dubbed the Fatboy 650G tanks. With a volume capacity of 650 gallons, Waterwall tanks are made of stabilized, high-density polyethylene to keep UV light out and prevent algae growth. Tanks include an leaf and insect screen to keep the inside free of debris. They have distribution across the United States through a North Carolina plant, and they frequently donate the tanks to causes and organizations. Check out their video for more on what installation looks like:


They’ve got a strong social media presence and a good sense of humor- every so often they show up in my stream saying something like: “Sexing up the tank industry one Fatboy at a time…”

You can find Waterwall Tanks on twitter and learn more about them at Waterwalltanks.com.

If you are growing a garden in an area with infrequent rainfall, this seems like a great option that won’t crowd the yard and stores water safely and efficiently.

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Author: Scott James

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