Water Savings Kit: All-in-one from Niagara Conservation

If you’re living a sustainable lifestyle, you’re savvy about your water. But even if you are, and have done a full water audit of your home’s water consumption, you’re likely still missing a lot of easy water savings in your home, simply because it’s a lot of work to go to the hardware store, find the right sized faucet aerators, a high-efficiency showerhead, and other water saving devices. That obstacle of both the knowledge and the gumption keep many people from saving money on their home water use and helping conserve one of our most precious resources.

Packaging water conservation and making it convenient for people, Niagara Conservation (a company we love) has produced the home Water EcoKitTM.

Screen shot 2013-09-09 at 1.17.04 PM

Shaped like a little greenhouse, the box contains:

  1. A couple of high-efficiency faucet aerators
  2. a high-efficiency showerhead
  3. a roll of Teflon tape to help prevent leaks around threaded pipe connections
  4. an educational water-wise wheel that shows you how much water is used in various applications and how you can reduce
  5. a toilet tank bag that can be put in the back of a toilet to reduce the amount used with each flush
  6. some dye tablets to test for toilet leaks
  7. a flow meter bag to help you measure how much water any of your fixtures uses per minute

…and more. It’s a really cool, all-in-one water conservation kit. The materials inside are all installable by just about anyone. There’s really no special tools required beyond usual stuff most people have in the house like pliers and wrenches. See a good high-efficiency showerhead installation tutorial here, for instance.

Check it out here. We were sent one of these by Niagara Conservation to test out in our house, and I can attest for how easy the install, and how awesome the results. According to the company, if you’re on a gas water heater, this kit alone can save you over $200 a year, and if you’re on an electric water heater, it’s more like $280.

Written by Scott Cooney

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