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The Dead Sea is shortlisted to be one of the new seven wonders of the world, but it must have an official support committee from Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority by July 7th. Thus far, only Israel has signed up.

photo credit: StormyDogThe Dead Sea is gradually losing water
The Dead Sea is gradually losing water

The New7Wonders Foundation is currently conducting the New7Wonders of Nature campaign which follows the successful New 7 Man-Made Wonders of the World campaign. On July 7th, the top 77 Wonder of Nature will be chosen. The Dead Sea ranks number ten in its category, but risks disqualification without joint sponsorship from all the committees.

In addition to its location in a politically sensitive area, the Dead Sea faces an urgent environmental threat of drying up. Its water level has been receding by about a meter per year. The World Bank has funded a study to assess the implications of building a 200 km canal from the Gulf of Akaba to the Dead Sea, in order to raise the water level. However, the Friends of the Earth organization, has expressed concern about the idea of a canal. If marine water, were brought it in, it could change the ecological balance of the salt lake, and possibly its color. On the other end of the spectrum, this exercise could also negatively affect The Gulf of Akaba by changing the patterns of currents, water temperature, and harming the coral reef.

Although the marine water would undergo a process of desalination, the resulting brine water would end up being dumped into the Dead Sea. This mixing of waters could affect the chemical composition of the Dead Sea enough to prevent flotation and endanger the water’s well known therapeutic qualities.

You can help save the Dead Sea by voting online for it at Perhaps your votes can help entice Jordan and Palestine to get on board!
This video has more information about the Dead Sea as one of the 7 wonders of nature.


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