Video: Conqueror Pop Up Trailer Maximizes Minimal Space

Tiny homes are great for those seeking stability in their life, but what about those wanting rugged and dangerous adventure? For those adventurer types, thereโ€™s Conqueror’s line of Urban Escape Vehicles, tough little pop up trailers to fold your everyday needs into a tidy and brilliant package.

The UEV comes in two distinct flavors, the smaller UEV 440, and the positively plush UEV 490. Despite the compact size, even the smaller 440 packs a ton of creature comforts that make even the Australian Outback a hospitable place to make camp. An available diesel-powered hot water system and air conditioner keep things temperate, and Conquerer even managed to cram a refrigerator and microwave into the side-mounted kitchen that also includes a standard gas stove. Thereโ€™s ample storage space for food and survival gear, and even a designated table space so you can eat in a civilized manner.

The fold-out front tent comfortably sleeps two, though the UEV440 can accommodate a small family in a pinch. If you plan on bringing more than two people though, you may want to step up to the larger UEV490, which has all of the above features but more bed and living space, as well as an entire side designated to a fold-out bathroom. Itโ€™s Conqueror’s largest trailer, though thanks to lightweight, aircraft-grade materials, weight is kept down to a rather svelte 2,976 lbs, even though you sacrifice almost nothing in terms of living space of comfort over. You have to watch the video to really appreciate just how cleverly designed these two trailers are.

Looking for something even more compact?. Conquerorโ€™s smallest pop up trailer model, the 310, weighs in at less than 1,000 pounds, but still packs an amazing amount of amenities. This includes a rip-top canvas tent and double bed, a 90-liter water tank, and 2 cubic-meters of storage space for your survival gear. Just about any car on the planet can pull this tiny trailer, though itโ€™s rugged enough to go just about anywhere.

Whether itโ€™s for a weekend of roughing it, or the end of days, Conqueror seems to have the compact answer to your camping needs…as long as you’ve got deep pockets. Even the 310 starts at a hefty $18,990 AUS, and the 490 could set you back a a whopping $77,495 if you ticket off all the options and get Conqueror’s tip-top model. Durability has its cost.

Source: Conqueror Australia

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