Urban Survival: Don’t Die in the Boiler Room


Whether you’re stuck in a major city due to a disaster caused by an angry, global-warming-fueled Mother Nature, a pandemic, or a plague of hungry food rioters, staying alive in an urban environment presents an entirely different set of challenges than a shiver shack built far off the grid. One of those challenges is the urban boiler room.

Tucked away in many old apartment and commercial buildings, boiler rooms help to keep their building residents warm by heating water into steam. As the steam expands, the pressure behind it forces the steam through a series of pipes and radiators throughout the structure.

Built into the boiler (the primary component of the “boiler room”) are a series of safety systems that keep the excess steam pressure from building up and causing serious, explosion-type safety issues. Normally, there’s nothing to worry about. Normally … but when the people who maintain the boilers bug out and the lights go out for a long period of time (or, forever!), the boiler room can become- quite literally- a potential time bomb.


Dana Plant Boiler Explosion Video

If you find yourself in a urban survival situation that leaves you searching for heat in a commercial boiler room, the handy-dandy infographic shown, below, might help. Keep it in your bug out bag and, if you need to, use it to do a quick check of the safety systems that are built into the boiler room to keep you and your group safe.

Check it out, then let us know what other commercial building systems you’d like to learn more about in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Enjoy, and- as always!- try not to die.



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