Urban Agriculture: Changing Lives with Grow Dat Youth

by Jeff McIntire-Strasburg

Urban Agriculture: Grow Dat Youth

You know that the rise urban agriculture has meant more local, healthy food in inner cities, but these urban farms are also changing kids’ lives.

An urban agriculture project in New Orleans – Grow Dat Youth – is a stellar example of how kids and teens are getting benefits beyond nutrition when they start growing their own food. Jeff McIntire Strasburg at our sister site Sustainablog shares the details and an excellent video on how Grow Dat Youth’s urban agriculture project is making a difference for kids in New Orleans.

{Image Credit: HDRtist HDR}

Urban Farming as Leadership Development: Grow Dat Youth Farm [Video] (via sustainablog)

As we’ve noted numerous times before, gardening creates benefits well beyond fresh, hyperlocal food. It can provide fruits and vegetables to neighborhoods with limited access to them. It can offer opportunities for physical activity to people who…

Written by Becky Striepe

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