Ukraine Does DIY, SHTF Head-busting Weapons Right

We talk about a lot of survival scenarios here on Insteading- from food riots to underground meteor survival bunkers to crazy, subterranean bomb shelters done up like Ozzie and Harriet’s. Still, one of the things we sometimes forget to think about is that a SHTF scenario may be something we’re trying to be a part of, rather than avoid. That’s the situation many Ukranians and Crimeans find themselves in today: the s*** has hit the fan, and they’re in it to win it with these brutal home-made weapons.

You can check out my favorite DIY weapons of the Ukraine crisis, below, and head on over to the original article at Wired to see the rest of photographer Tom Jamieson’s excellent and brave (brave? brave.) pictures in high resolution.

Source | More Photos: Tom Jamieson, Wired.

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Author: Jo Borrás

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