Transform Your House Into A Collaborative Home (Infographic)

Want to take advantage of your stuff's potential when you're not using it? We've got the infographic to get you started.

Looking for new ways to share, barter or otherwise profit from the stuff inside and outside your home? Have we got an infographic for you.

Did you know that the average person only uses their car 2 hours a day? How often do you use those power tools in the garage, or that camping equipment in the basement?

We all have spaces, skills, and stuff that has high “idling capacity”–meaning they are more valuable when used on a regular basis.Β But we don’t always have somewhere to drive, build, or camp…so how can you take advantage of your stuff’s potential when you don’t need it?

That’s where the beauty of collaborative consumption comes into play!

This infographic shows some of the stuff that might be lying around your house that are just profits waiting to happen — and all the start-ups trying to help you along:

~click to zoom~

What other ways could youΒ monetize your unused resources, or find ways to get goods and services without purchasing them? Share your ideas in a comment!

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Infographic republished with permission from The Collaborative Fund

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