Tiny House: Could You Live In A Hole In The Ground?

Sustainable dug out house
The days of big houses that suck up vast amount of energy so families of four live together without speaking to each other are over. Not only are these McMansions expensive and unnecessary, they lack the unique character of a home built to suit the needs of those that inhabit it.

Tiny houses, homes built to be super efficient while often operating off the grid, are the new trend. Many people, like Welshman Simon Dale, are rejecting the high price building contractors and architects to take back the design process themselves.

The fairy-tale hobbit home pictured above was designed and built into a hillside by Dale for a scant $4,700 USD! And the interior is hardly what you’d expect from this “hole in the ground.”

Tiny House - Interior

If you’re already envious of this woodland paradise, but don’t think you could ever emulate it, think again. The only modern tool used in its construction was a chainsaw, which Dale used to cut down about 30 small trees. No old growth forest fell to his family’s needs. He focused on tools that used his own energy, like shovel, chisel, and hammer. Yet it took him only four months to produce this lovely home. A wood stove and solar panel provide power, while a composting toilet removes the need for complicated plumbing and a septic tank.

Listen to Dale talk about why the principles behind tiny, self-built homes are essential for the health of our society and environment in the video below. For more information about the home, building plans, and more photos, please go to his website, A Low Impact Woodland Home .

h/t to Gaia–health.com

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Author: Beth Buczynski

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