The Week in Water: May 26-Jun 1, 2012

The Week in Water brings you blue living ideas and news from around the web.

NASA Sea Surface Temperature Map 2012

The Week in Water brings you blue living ideas and news from around the web.

The sea surface temperature map from NASA above shows the temperatures on 30 May 2012. Scientists are predicting a normal or slightly below normal hurricane season for the U.S. this year, with 5-9 hurricanes.

We talked about the contribution of groundwater depletion to sea level rise a few weeks ago. Real Climate looks at the issue in more depth this week.

Sea level rise is inconvenient. The answer, for some, is to write laws against admitting its existence.

The land around and under the Dead Sea is also rising. As the water level lowers in the sea, the weight pressing down on the land lessens, and the land rises. It’s risen as much as 4.3 mm per year in areas.

Fifty percent of the Everglades are already gone and the other fifty percent is endangered due mostly to human activities. The Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan is designed to restore the Everglades to their natural state.

To promote their new DVD “Frozen Planet”, BBC Home Entertainment is bringing augmented reality displays to three malls in the U.S. It looks like a lot of fun for the kids if you live near:

  • Short Hills Mall, (New York audience), 1200 Morris Turnpike Short Hills, NJ
  • Woodfield Mall, (Chicago audience), 5 Woodfield Mall Schaumburg, IL
  • Sunvalley Mall, (San Francisco audience). 1 Sun Valley Mall #228 Concord, CA

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