The Week in Water: May 19-25, 2012

The Week in Water brings you blue living ideas and news from around the web.

The Week in Water brings you blue living ideas and news from around the web.

A forty-year leak in underground pipes has produced an underground jet fuel spill of between eight million gallons and twenty-four million gallons. The jet fuel reached the water table by 2007 and is now on its way to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The city of Orlando, Florida is offering a $650 rebate for residents who buy a GeoSpring hybrid water heater. It’s not a bad idea to check with your local utilities and see if they’re offering similar rebates. Sometimes, utilities will give you a discount on your bill just for having an energy audit by their people.

The city of Aspen, Colorado is reducing water usage in anticipation of a drought. Their goal is to curtail water usage by ten percent.

Waukesha, Wisconsin is also reducing water usage by ten percent. Their problems go deeper. The aquifer where the city has historically gotten its water is lowering faster than they can recharge it. Also, the deeper wells have more contaminants and the utility is under court order to reduce the amount of radium in the water.

If you’ve ever wondered why farmers allow fracking on their land, despite the risk to their drinking water, here’s a good article on the choices some farmers are looking at.

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