The Week in Water: Mar 24-30, 2012

The Week in Water brings the latest in water news from around the web.

Toronto has become the first city to mandate green roofs. Other cities have taken steps to encourage the installation of green roofs in new buildings and assist in retrofitting older roofs, but none have actually mandated green roofs until now.

The Total gas well is continuing to leak. The North Sea well is being compared to BP’s Deepwater Horizon. The leak is proving difficult to stop and there’s a possibility of explosion. The Total well was evacuated and no one has been hurt. A nearby well owned by Royal Dutch Shell has also been shut down, just in case.

If you’re curious how much water goes into the production of the food you eat, try the How Much Water Is On My Plate? calculator.

Phil Plait over at Bad Astronomer points to a new method of fighting fires that extinguishes fires quicker and with less water than current methods, usingĀ  a system based on rocket design. Very exciting stuff.

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Author: Heather Carr

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