The Week in Water: Mar 17-23, 2012

The Week in Water brings the latest in water news from around the web.

The Week in Water brings the latest in water news from around the web.

An interview with historian Brian Fagan, author of Elixir, compares water struggles thousands of years ago to our own problems today.

Canada is looking at gutting their Fisheries Act. By removing protections for fish that currently have no economic value, the government could speed approval of pipelines to move tar sands oil. The problem with allowing non-economically important fish to die off is that the fish that are economically important often need those other fish for food, protection, or maintenance of the environment.

Fog seems to concentrate mercury and deposit it in coastal ecosystems. Researchers found that fog along the California coast contains five times as much mercury as rainwater.

The California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance has set some performance metrics for water, energy, and greenhouse gas emissions for vineyards and wineries.

In honor of World Water Day, Choice Organic Teas is donating twenty cents to WaterAid for every box of tea ordered from their website during March.

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