The Week in Water: Jun 30-Jul 6, 2012

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If we didn’t have global warming, then we wouldn’t see this.”  Record high temperatures are occurring at twice the rate of record lows, indicating a warming planet. Higher temperatures will bring more drought for some of us, more rain and potential flooding for others.

After North Carolina’s attempt to legislate sea level rise went nowhere, lawmakers went back to the drawing board. They added a clause to the bill that says that planners and zoning commissions are allowed to consider the effects of sea level rise when making decisions, but not until 01 July 2016.

Researchers studying coral reefs in the Bay of Panama looked at the way climate change has affected reefs since the last ice age. They found that current climate variability resembles past climate variability that had an extremely negative effect on coral reefs.

Students at Glenn Marshall Elementary and B. Michael Caudill Middle Schools in Kentucky are putting together a wetland to make their lessons more interactive.

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Author: Heather Carr

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