The Week in Water: Jul 7-13, 2012

The Week in Water brings you blue living ideas and news from around the web.

The Week in Water brings you blue living ideas and news from around the web.

Tara Oceans has just returned from their 632 day expedition around the world. They sampled the oceans in 153 different places and found 1.5 million different taxa of plankton. They’ve discovered genes that code for previously unknown proteins and different preferences for group living. Also, the smaller the plankton, the more numerous they are.

Cleantechnica has a piece about Waterhouse, a hydroelectric restaurant in London that serves seasonal dishes.

The National Transportation Safety Board released a report detailing the negligence that resulted in the tar sands oil spill in the Kalamazoo River in Michigan. The recovery from that oil spill is still ongoing.

In Canada, laws are being proposed to allow tar sands pollution to be disposed of with less paperwork.

Cave divers toured the world’s largest underwater gypsum cave and took these pictures.

South Korea announced last week that they would start whaling. After pressure from the international community and their own people, they appear to be backing down from their plans for scientific whaling.

Pacific island nations are at risk from climate change and not just from sea level rise. Many of them derive substantial economic benefits from the coral reefs surrounding them through tourism and fishing. Scientists have joined together in a call for action to save coral reefs.

The portion of the Ogallala aquifer underneath Texas experienced its biggest drop in 25 years because of last year’s drought.

Saturn’s moon Titan has a large ocean underneath the crust. Perhaps underneath that is a mantle of water ice.

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