The Week in Water: Jul 28, 2012-Aug 3, 2012

The Week in Water brings you blue living ideas and news from around the web.

Bounty from the sea can help decrease the costs for school lunches while improving the local economy and the nutrition of the meals.

If you need one more reason to conserve coastal wilderness, here’s several. Mangrove swamps sequester carbon, provide livelihoods for local economies, and preserve biodiversity.

Oceana is continuing to expose seafood fraud with their latest campaign in south Florida.

Looking for resources for water law?  The Georgetown Law Library has an online guide.

We’ve talked before about bottle refilling stations. London installed bottle refilling stations for the Olympics, since security procedures won’t allow people in with their own water.

Whenever trout in the Great Lakes are found to have pollutants in their bodies, researchers know those same pollutants can be found in other bodies of water, even in the Arctic.

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Author: Heather Carr

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