The Week in Water: Feb 11-17, 2012

Downtown Fort Worth seen from a park on the Trinity RiverThe Week in Water brings you the latest news in blue living from around the web.

Two friends in Fort Worth explored the headwaters of the Trinity River. The Trinity River runs through Fort Worth and Dallas and eventually empties into the Gulf of Mexico. A lot of it was dry riverbed, since north Texas has been in such a drought.

A company drilling in the Arctic hit a shallow gas lens, causing quite a disruption on the well site. No lives were lost, but drilling mud, water, and a small amount of gas are still flowing from the well. Repsol, the drilling company, seems to have followed all the requirements and recommendations for the area. Still, accidents do happen and it’s important to remember that this is why we need to keep some wild spaces untouched.

Lockheed Martin, with the help of the Department of Defense, is working on ocean thermal conversion systems.

Student opposition to bottled water on campuses seems to be annoying the bottled water industry.

A judge ruled against a Fort Worth couple who claimed hydraulic fracturing by Range Resources contaminated their gas well. The judge said the Lipskys had created a deceptive video¬†“calculated to alarm the public into believing the water was burning.”¬† The couple intend to appeal the verdict. Here’s the video in question:

Trinity River photo via Shutterstock

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Author: Heather Carr

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