The Week in Water: Dec 31-Jan 6

The Week in Water brings you a roundup of interesting developments from around the web to make blue living easier.

Beavers are keystone species that help clean water by creating wetlands. The Beaver Manifesto goes into detail about how the beaver creates these ecosystems and what we can learn from them. Read Rhonda Winter’s review of The Beaver Manifesto over at EcoLocalizer.

The Arctic Ocean is getting less saline as meltwaters and runoff from Russia pour into the sea. This has implications for the Atlantic conveyor belt and its continuing circulation. If you have a subscription to Nature, the original paper is here.

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation released a report titled, “The Economic Argument for Cleaning up the Bay and its Rivers“. Pollution control measures, also known as “job-killing regulations”, will create 240,000 full-time jobs in the region. The Wall Street Journal weighs in on the conversation.

Meanwhile, Virginia Governor Bob McConnell is trying to save money in the state budget by removing Virginia from the Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin (ICPRB), a multi-state collaboration to clean and maintain the Potomac River. Gov. McConnell says the state can take care of the cleaning and maintaining on their own. Dropping out of the group will save Virginia $151,500. Dropping out of the ICPRB will also lose Virginia about $500,000 in grants and project money.

Motley Fool looks at investing in water-related businesses.

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Author: Heather Carr

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