The Snacking Dead: a Cookbook for the Zombie Apocalypse

The Snacking Dead

You knew this whole “zombie apocalypse” was approaching the ramp when a movie about “zombie love story” called “Warm Bodies” hit theaters earlier this year. With the upcoming publication of “the Snacking Dead, a Parody in a Cookbook”, though, I think it’s safe to say that the zombies have jumped the shark. Or, have they?

I think it’s safe to say that a number of young people – anyone younger than me, let’s say – have it in their heads that something “bad” is coming. “It” may be a socio-economic collapse. “It” may be a global food shortage that forces us all to eat maggots. “It” may be an energy crisis that makes the fuel rations of 1972 look like the gas-price bubble of 2008. “It” may be a massive, climate-change-driven tsunami that wipes out New Jersey – and what would we do without New Jersey!?

What I Would Do.
What I Would Do.

At the same time, people are becoming more self-sufficient, with the focus shifting away from giant multinationals and back, in my opinion, to where it belongs: strong local communities with locally-grown foods and locally-sourced products.

In some ways, then, the zombie apocalypse is sort of fun. It’s a fictional MacGuffin that gets us to look at our lives in a “what really matters/who do we depend on” sort of way, you know? You know, of course – that’s what this blog is all about!

So, here we are, then. A zombie apocalypse cookbook featuring survival ProTips like “a long-handled metal pizza peel is an ideal weapon against the living dead”, and recipes for three cheese calzones and such. Nothing ground-breaking in the way of satire or humor*, of course, but maybe a fun gift for your favorite foodie fan of AMC’s Walking Dead. Maybe. Although, if you REALLY loved them you’d pony up for that Bear Grylls Ultimate Pack (just sayin’).

Here’s a preview of the Snacking Dead, due out October 29th, below. Enjoy!








* In case you’re curious, good satire (in this case) would be a cookbook written FOR zombies on how to cook people … which, yes, was a Twilight Zone episode.

Source | Photos: Amazon, via CoolMaterial and Eater.

Written by Jo BorrΓ‘s

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