The Global Water Crisis

Windmill in Namibia

The global water crisis affects us all. Experts estimate that population will increase by another billion people in the world by 2025. The infographic below shows that the world’s population has doubled in the last forty years, but fresh water use has quadrupled.

Two side-by-side statistics indicate that water use will increase by 50% in developing countries, presumably because the people living there are improving their living standards. To my mind, this is a good thing. All people should have clean drinking water and enough water to bathe and wash with. Even with the 50% increase in water use, two-thirds of the people in the world will experience water scarcity.

The second statistic shows that water use will increase by 18% in developed countries. This is something that doesn’t have to happen. With careful home, agricultural, and industrial conservation, developed nations should be able to reduce their water usage.

The alternative isn’t pretty. Water scarcity can cause political unrest, which can affect all parts of the world, not just those parts experiencing the lack of water.

The Global Water Crisis

Global water crisis infographic courtesy Seametrics

Windmill in Namibia photo via Shutterstock

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Author: Heather Carr

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