The Bushranger X-Jack Will Unstick Your Stuck SUV

Bushranger X-Jack

This is the Bushranger X-Jack – and, when your truck or SUV gets stuck in snow, mud, or sand who-knows-how-many miles away from the nearest rescuer, you’re going to think that bulbous little orange thing you see up there is the most beautiful piece of industrial design since Michael Graves’ “whistling bird” Alessi teakettle.

One of the best ways to teach your kids – or yourself! – to appreciate the beauty and wonder of nature is to get out in it, whether that means going for a walk on a nature trail or forging your own trail. For many people, the latter means some degree of off-roading is going to be involved, with all the joys and risks that entails.

One of the risks involved in driving off-road, of course, is getting stuck in a soft surface like the previously mentioned sand or snow. Sure, you can try rocking back and forth, but sometimes that just digs you in deeper. In those situations, the standard scissor-jack that comes in a number of modern cars is going to be pretty useless – and a higher-end bottle-jack isn’t going to be much better. That, dear reader, is where the X-Jack comes into play.


What to Do if Your Car Gets Stuck

To use the X-Jack, simply place the deflated orange body under the stuck vehicle and connect it to a standard air compressor or your vehicle’s exhaust pipe, which will inflate the bag across a wide surface, maximizing its grip on the sand/snow/whatever and lifting the vehicle high enough to get some traction under the tires – either another Bushranger product or sticks and rocks (whatever’s handy). You can find these on sites like Amazon (among others) for just over $200 – which probably wouldn’t seem like much if you were stuck in the Everglades without cell service, you know?


Source | Photos: Bushranger.

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