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  • How to Store Wine So It Lasts

    Did you pick up a special bottle of vino, but you’re not ready to pop it open yet? Here’s how to store wine so it ages well instead of turning to vinegar. More

  • Rosé Wine Picks For Summer

    I’m not a white wine drinker but when its hot outside a robust red wine just doesn’t hit the spot. At times like that I reach for a rosé. Rosé wine is just the right combination of cold and red. And, gone are the days of cloyingly sweet “White Zinfandel”. Now adays you can get […] More

  • How To Buy Good Cheap Wine

    If you like to drink wine but get flustered when it comes time to actually buy it, you’re like most of us. How to know which wine region? Which winery?  What’s the difference between Syrah and Shiraz? Here are a few low-stress ways to help you choose good cheap wine wherever you may go. Let the experts do […] More

  • Cheers To The First Paper Wine Bottle!

    Browsing the wine shelves in my grocery store the other day, I spied something exciting: a paper wine bottle. I’d read they were coming — and here they are! More

  • Charitable Wine: Honor Winery Benefits the Fallen and Wounded

    Honor Winery is dedicated to helping families of the fallen as well as some of our wounded warriors. The Honor Winery was founded by David Keuhner, founder and CEO of Destination Cellars and the son of a Vietnam Helicopter Pilot who lost his father from a tragic accident at 6 years old. David never had the opportunity […] More

  • Sparkling Wine For Thanksgiving

    What kind of sparkling wine goes well with Thanksgiving dinner? On this quintessentially American holiday try serving an American bubbly. A few years ago I wrote about the Best Thanksgiving Wines and while the usual suspects of Pinot Noir and sweeter wines like Rieslings were common recommendations, this year I’m thinking of serving some festive American […] More

  • The New California Wine [Book Review]

    The New California Wine: A Guide to the Producers and Wines Behind a Revolution in Taste by Jon Bonné  The New California Wine is a terrific new book by Jon Bonné, the wine editor of the San Francisco Chronicle. It tells the “untold story of the California wine industry: the young, innovative producers who are rewriting the rules […] More

  • 3 Wine Cocktails For The End of Summer

    The folks at Francis Ford Coppola Winery sent a nice reminder to enjoy some cocktails — and summer — before it ends. 3 Summer Cocktail Recipes Summer will officially end on Saturday, September 21 and so when Francis Ford Coppola Winery, one of my favorite wineries, sent some summer cocktail recipes, I vowed to try […] More

  • Ever Wonder How Wine Corks Are Made?

    I started to write about recycling wine corks and ended up learning how they’re made. It’s quite complicated and dang interesting. Here’s a crash course. More

  • Wine Flavored Popcorn (Its GMO-Free, Vegan & Gluten-Free Too!)

    New Zealand winemaker Kim Crawford has joined forces with Populence, an artisanal popcorn maker in New York City, to create a Sauvignon Blanc wine flavored kettle popcorn Wine + Popcorn In addition to being vegan and GMO- and gluten-free, Populence’s Wine flavored popcorn appears to be a first for the industry. The candied popcorn’s flavor […] More

  • What’s Green And Happening in California Wines

    I’m always on the look out for new “green wine” trends. And now that I live here, I am especially interested in what’s happening in California. Two wineries have new offerings worth taking note of. I’m a fan of the eco-properties of boxed wine: Boxed wine reduces waste and carbon emissions. What’s not to like? […] More

  • The Hess Collection Comes Up Big For Local Land Trust

    It can be challenging to be big and sustainable. So, I wasn’t surprised to hear that one of my favorite sustainable wineries, Hess Collection, which manages to be both big, sustainable and high quality, announced its partnership with the Land Trust of Napa County. More

  • Earth Day Wine & Food Events In NYC

    UPCOMING EARTH DAY EVENTS IN NYC Courtesy of Jaquelline Ottman,  Food Waste’s Shocking Truths: Hunger, Business and YOU – April 18  This event presented by the Columbia Business School Alumni Club of NYC will make the business case for greater efficiency in the production, distribution and consumption of food. All that while you get […] More

  • sustainablog’s 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

    Putting off the holiday gift shopping? We hate the mall, too, but if you go at the last minute, here’s what you might end up with. Never fear, though: we’ve got good green gift suggestions that only require some time on the computer. More

  • What is Biodynamic Wine?

    Do you look for the biodynamic label when buying wine? Prbably not — it’s not nearly as well-known as other certifications. Guest writer Jess Spate explains biodynamics, and why wine makers have so readily adopted these practices. More

  • flipflop: Wines with Soul (or is that Sole?)

    There are many ways that a wine producer can be better than the rest.  Oftentimes its a commitment to environmental ideals.  But, sometimes its their how they leverage their appeal through awesome corporate citizenship. When that happens it catches everyone’s eye. And that’s what happened this year for flipflop Wines. Last night industry leaders decided […] More

  • A Day at Francis Ford Coppola Winery

    Yesterday, I had the pleasure of checking out the ultra sustainable Francis Ford Coppola Winery in Sonoma County, CA. With so many fabulous wineries to choose from you might wonder if its worth the stop. I would say, absolutely. But, the most impressive thing about the Francis Ford Coppola winery is that it is a […] More

  • Is climate change hurting wine production?

    A 2010 study from researchers at the Southern Oregon University and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife showed definitively that the climate in wine grape growing regions of the Western United States has been getting warmer. More

  • room-by-room guide to reducing waste

    Wine on Tap Grows Up

    It wasn’t long ago that wine on tap seemed like a radical idea. But no more. There’s hardly a decent restaurant in the Bay Area that doesn’t serve wine on tap. And, according to Malia Collins of Free Flow Wines wine on tap, which has long been getting the notice of restaurants across the country, is now becoming a part of the initial planning stages for new venues. And while much premium keg wine is found only in California, that and more is changing; the fact is that premium keg wine used to be the domaine of the small, local producer. More

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