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  • Fresh Christmas Party Recipes: Fruit Salsa

    You may be thinking fresh fruit salsa sounds too summery to bring to a Christmas party, but it’s light and delicious compared to all of the other heavy food associated with the holidays – people won’t be able to stop eating it.  The slightly sweet – salty combo is amazing. My favorite fruit to use […] More

  • Fruit Season — What are the 10 Best Fruits?

    What’s the best fruit in the world, in your opinion? It is summertime in Poland and that means a ton of delicious fresh fruit,.. for a short time. I am so excited about fruit lately that I thought it would be interesting to find out from our readers (and authors) what you all think are […] More

  • 10 Favorite Foods from the 1st 28 Years of My Life

    The following are, I think, my 10 favorite foods.. so far. Perhaps I will find some that I like more down the road, but for now I can’t think of anything that surpasses these gems of the Earth. Thought it would be fun to share these and get feedback from you on your favorites as […] More

  • Tainted Produce in Poor Neighborhoods

    [social_buttons] Not only do low-income neighborhoods have less access to fresh produce, but the rare fruit or veggie found in these areas is also more likely to be tainted. A new study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine suggests that the levels of bacteria, yeast, and mold found on fresh produce vary according to […] More

  • Hot Summer? Cool off with Wonderful Watermelon!

    Nothing heralds summertime to me quite like watermelon. Reminiscent of childhood picnics and parties, this sweet, pink, fleshy fruit always cools me down on hot days. Did you know that watermelon: helps with inflammation? may help prevent asthma when eaten? is concentrated with amazing antioxidants? prevents colon cancer, diabetes and arthritis from developing? happens to be a […] More

  • Laying Barbed Wire on the First Row of Bags

    Farmers Market Fare #11

    © Piotr Antonów | Summer’s bounty is starting to arrive at the market. This means corn, peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, summer squash and melons for most of us. In other words, Picnic Season! This week’s round up of posts is a bit light due to the holiday, so I wanted to share some favorite links […] More