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    Industry Finally Admits Responsibility For Lame PET Bottle Recycling Rates. Kinda.

    I can’t decide whether I’m sad or glad to see that the bottling industry is finally ‘fessing up to its role in the appallingly low rates of PET bottle recycling which are creating ‘oceans of PET’ around the world.  I’ve been writing for quite  a while about the bottled water industry and the sly marketing […] More

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    BPA Leaching in Reusable Water Bottles

    Bisphenol A (BPA) is an industrial chemical pervasive in plastics. When ingested, it acts as an estrogen and an endocrine-disruptor. However, avoiding it has been difficult, especially when it kept showing up in reusable water bottles. A new study tested manufacturer’s claims of BPA-free materials. The study published in the July 8 edition of Chemosphere […] More

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    Mt. Whitney Water and Pollution

    It’s not that Mt. Whitney, the tallest mountain in the Lower 48, needs any more publicity. After all, about 30,000 hikers annually make the trek up to the thin air of 14, 496 feet. People who secure even a day use wilderness permit (not much fun making the ascent in one day) through the Mt. […] More

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    Biodegradable Plastic Water Bottles? Yep.

    New BioGreen water bottles are biodegradable, recyclable and reusable. It is getting hard to keep track of all the containers you should and shouldn’t be eating and drinking out of, let alone what happens to the stuff when it gets thrown away or recycled. While the latest claims about stainless steel water bottles being generally […] More

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    Life Goggles: SIGG Aluminum Water Bottle Product Review

    Updated editor’s note (9/7/09): We were extremely disappointed to find out that SIGG hadn’t been completely honest about the presence of BPA in its “water-based, non-toxic coating” mentioned later in this article. I thought hard about taking this one down; instead, I encourage you to take a look at Simran Sethi’s post on the revelation […] More