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  • Practicing Proper Recycling Makes All The Difference

    A growing number of people think recycling — rather than “throwing away” — is a sound idea that leads us to more sustainable practices. To support this, more municipal governments and waste management companies make the recycling process easier by offering”single-source” collection services. This makes it far easier for recyclers to collect and deposit recyclable materials. This […] More

  • What Can You Recycle During The Holidays? [Infographic]

    Christmas is just about upon us, so we’re starting to slow down here at sustainablog: expect posts a little less regularly from now until New Year’s Day. But before I start getting my break on, I thought I’d share this great infographic from our friends at Waste Management about what can go in the blue […] More

  • Zero Waste: From Dream to Reality in the Philippines

    The city of Alaminos is pioneering zero waste in the Philippines with an energetic fusion of bottom-up planning and community participation. The outcome has been stunning: whereas in 2009 almost every city dumping field had a pile burning, there were almost none two years later. With sky-high waste separation and composting rates, Alaminos has become a trend-setter for other Filipino cities. More

  • Could the Kitchen of the Future Run on Kitchen Waste Alone?

    Ideas are where all innovation begins. The environment is not only becoming a big part of the public dialogue, it is also fueling research, education, and business. The green job sector is amongst the fastest growing in a fairly unstable and stagnant economy. More

  • Top 10 Tips For a Zero Waste Home

    Do you think you can reduce your annual trash to squeeze inside a single quart size jar? Well, Bea Johnson and her family did, and so can you. You probably already know half of what you need to do, but in this post, Bea Johnson spells out everything you need to do to achieve zero […] More

  • Building a "Green Economy": A New Revolution in China?

    A “green economy” can be built in China in less than 20 years, argues a new McKinsey report. The new study, “China’s Green Revolution“, offers the most comprehensive quantitative analysis to date of China’s abatement cost curve. Previous studies of a similar ilk, like the Stern Review, have incorporated social benefits to partially offset the […] More