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  • ‘Forks Over Knives’ Launches Vegan Meal Delivery Service

    “Forks Over Knives,” the influential 2011 film that inspired a food revolution, eventually led to its own “Forks Over Knives” diet plan–a plant-based, whole foods approach to nutrition. And now, the organization has launched its own meal delivery service called Forks Fresh Meals. More

  • Top 3 Mistakes New Vegans Make

    Whenever we try something new we tend to dive into it, which often ends up in a few mistakes along the way. Let’s talk about the most common mistakes and how to fix them. More

  • 9 Healthy Summer Salads

    It has been quite a scorcher around here lately, and nothing is as good in warm weather as big, healthy summer salads. More

  • Healthy Weight Loss on a Vegan Diet

    When we think about weight loss, we often think about restriction, suffering, giving up delicious food, eating lots of cabbage. But healthy weight loss doesn’t have to be awful. In fact, it’s one of the first side effects people report when switching to a vegan diet, besides all of the yummy foods they get to eat. More

  • Vegan Food to Get Its Own U.S. Supermarket

    Long-time vegans would say it’s about time. And the wait is almost over for a store that only sells vegan food. That’s right. A vegan supermarket is coming to the U.S. But not until 2016. More

  • ‘Comfortably Yum’: A Vegan Cookbook for the Comfort Food Lover

    comfortably yum

    If you’ve been a vegan for any number of years, you may be doing quite a few head turns lately. All of a sudden, the vegan diet is popular with former presidents and vice presidents. With heavyweight champions and Olympic gold-medal winners. It’s the on-and-off again diet du jour for Beyoncé. We’ve certainly come a long way from the good ol’ days where we considered ourselves lucky if we could find tofu, let alone a vegan cookbook with recipes how to cook it. More

  • Eating Vegan on the Road

    Eating vegan when you’re traveling might seem daunting at first, but with a little bit of planning it’s easy as pie! Or at least as easy as purse cashews. More

  • Be Kind to Animals Week: You’ll Never Miss the Meat or Dairy

    Did you know that this was ‘Be Kind to Animals Week?’ Today, Michelle Kretzer at PETA shares some meat substitutes to help you kick the animal product habit. Here at Eat Drink Better, we like to think of these – often processed – meat and dairy substitutes as a way for folks to transition to a plant-based diet, not as dietary staples. If you’ve been wanting to give plant-based eating a try and need something to help you on your way, these can be a great sometimes food to help you on your journey! More

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