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  • How To: Raise Your Own Crickets

    Crickets are one of nature’s most efficient fiber-to-protein machines, but we’ve never talked about what it takes to grow your own. Until now, that is! More

  • Chicago Sells Vacant Lots for $1 Each, Encourages Urban Gardening

    As a welcome slap in the face to smaller towns like Oak Park, Michigan, and Leawood, Kansas, that bafflingly prohibit such healthy, pro-community projects as vegetable gardens and Little Free Libraries in property owners’ own front yards, Chicago, Illinois is permitting property owners in greater Englewood to purchase city-owned vacant lots at $1 per parcel, and […] More

  • Growing Cities Headed for the Small Screen this Fall

    Even the best projects, with the most talented team and the most well-intentioned backers, can effectively do only as much or as little as the amount of attention they’re able to attract, and sometimes, such as in this instance, that might mean finding… More

  • Michigan Hates Chickens (and Bees, and Goats): No More “Right to Farm”

    Do you keep backyard chickens? Or have a beehive? Or own a couple of very spoiled goats/lawnmowers? Yeah, Michigan hates you. Michigan, whose “Right to Farm” act used to be the envy of all the other backyard chicken owners/urban beekeepers/goat hobbyists in all the other states, is now the state that nobody interested in micro-husbandry […] More

  • Florida Law Makes Living Off The Grid Illegal

    If you’re in Florida and hope to live a more sustainable lifestyle free from the influence of energy companies and massive agricultural conglomerates by adding solar panels to your home, harvesting rainwater, and planting an organic garden on your property- watch out. Citing the International Property Maintenance Code, city officials in Cape Coral, FL are […] More

  • 10 Ways to Revolt With Your Garden

    Prepare for the worst in case your local gov’t is unable to respond or offer help in the event of an emergency (or, you know, IS the emergency), and use a garden to stick it to the man. More

  • Urban Farming: the Quiet Revolution

    If the idea of urban farming wasn’t a hugely revolutionary act then people like Sean Law and Julie Bass wouldn’t be losing their homes and facing jail. More

  • Urban Farming as Leadership Development: Grow Dat Youth Farm [Video]

    As we’ve noted numerous times before, gardening creates benefits well beyond fresh, hyperlocal food. It can provide fruits and vegetables to neighborhoods with limited access to them. It can offer opportunities for physical activity to people who aren’t interested in jogging. And, of course, it can serve as an educational activity. So, when I come […] More

  • DIY How-To: Grow Your Own Microgreens (a Book Review)

    Surviving and thriving in a post-apocalyptic scenario means you’ll need to find your own food- and, when you can’t, you’ll have to grow it. We’ve covered farming rabbits and eating bugs in the past, but we found this book review on “Microgreen Garden: Indoor Grower’s Gude to Gourmet Greens” by Mark Mathew Braunstein over on […] More

  • Fish Heads, Fish Heads, Eat Them for Free (w/ video)

    Free fish heads. There is something exquisite about sucking on an eyeball- the fragrant jelly bursts into your mouth, lighting up your taste buds with an explosion of pleasure. Or so I’m told by keen New Zealand fishermen and their families. Now, those who love biting down on fish heads can get connected with fishermen […] More

  • DIY Worm Composting Solution for Under $20

    Living off the grid – whether by choice or by chance – is all about efficiency. You need to learn to make the most of your land, your water, and even your food waste. That’s where worm composting comes in. Worm composting makes use of mealworms and earthworms to create a valuable soil additive called […] More

  • DIY How-to: Build a $300 in-Ground Greenhouse (w/ plans)

    Farmers have been trying to extend the growing season of their crops for hundreds of years. So far, the greenhouse has been the dominant technology, since it doesn’t usually require electricity to operate. The problem with setting up an off-the grid greenhouse is that the typical, “glazed glass” structure can be prohibitively expensive to construct. […] More

  • How to Get Maggots to Take Over Your Kitchen, On Purpose (w/ video)

    In the future, we’re going to be eating bugs. I think that’s the real message of schmeat and the Eat-a-Bug cookbook. Oh, and that thing, up there. It’s called the Farm 432, and it promises to turn 1 gram of black fly maggots larvae into 2.4 kilograms of high-protein, low-fat black fly maggots larvae every […] More

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