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  • Just Mayo’s Egg-Free Mayonnaise Isn’t Mayo, Says Hellman’s Lawsuit

    Unilever, the parent company for mega-mayonnaise brand Hellman’s, is suing three-year-old Silicon Valley startup, Hampton Creek—maker of Just Mayo—the egg-free mayonnaise that claims to not only perform better than the other stuff, but do it without the addition of any animal products. More

  • Seafood Contaminated by Neutrogena, Johnson & Johnson Products

    A new study confirms that fish and seafood contaminated with harmful plastic fragments can be traced back to products like Neutrogena’s Deep Clean and Johnson & Johnson’s Clean & Clear. According to the International Campaign Against Microbeads In Cosmetics, microbeads pass into household waste water streams directly and are too small to be retained by the standard […] More

  • “Nanofood” Products In Your Food? You Bet!

    A new report by Friends of the Earth, Tiny Ingredients, Big Risks [PDF], documents a tenfold increase in unregulated, unlabeled “nanofood” products on the American market since 2008. Not surprisingly, The products containing unlabeled nano-ingredients are made by major companies including Group Danone, Kraft, Campbell Soup, General Mills, Hershey, Nestle, Mars, Coca-Cola, Unilever, Sara Lee […] More

  • Kellogg’s, General Mills Among Oxfam’s Top 10 Food Bullies

    A new Oxfam campaign published today, Behind the Brands: Food Companies Scorecard, ranks social policies of food and beverage companies and things aren’t looking good for the top 10 food companies as evidenced by the headline: Ten biggest food and beverage companies failing millions of people who grow their ingredients According to Oxfam, the “Big 10” […] More

  • Sugar Laden and Highly Processed Foods To Be Sold As “Smart Food Choices”

    General Mills and Kellogg’s want to sell sugary processed foods like Froot Loops and Lucky Charms to your kids.  This isn’t anything new.  But under the guise of the new “Smart Choices” Program, large food corporations want to proudly label sugary, highly processed foods as good nutritional food options. The program was recently created by […] More