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  • How to Find Cheap Solar Thermal Panel Installers

    Recent advancements in solar water heating technology and its rising popularity means that prices for solar water heating systems have become much cheaper. There are a couple of different systems that are available, and purchasers should do their homework before choosing. Flat plate collectors, developed in the 1950s, are the most common and are comprised of […] More

  • Stevia Cola Hits Store Shelves

    The Coca-Cola Company has launched a stevia cola in response to consumer demand for sweetened drinks that contain natural ingredients and fewer calories. More

  • Solar News Roundup

    News of recent solar business expansions and installations around the world… More

  • Why Wind Power Works in the UK

    In the UK, we have some of the most suitable weather for different types of renewable energy systems to work at their best. Although both solar and tidal power are renewable energy sources which are being put to good use already, it is wind power that has made the biggest impact on the general awareness of clean power generation. More

  • Art From Scrap: Ptolemy Elrington’s Hubcap Creatures

    Ptolemy Elrington makes sculptures from scrap material and runaway hubcaps. He lives in the British seaside town of Brighton, and has been crafting his Hubcap Creatures for twelve years. In this time Ptolemy has built a name for himself, and now there is enough demand for his work that he’s able to do it full-time. He is known for his animals, particularly fish, but can make just about anything, and sells to all kinds of people. More

  • UK Launches Plan to Attract Youth To Farming

    Anticipating a need to fill thousands of high-skilled posts in farming and other related industries such as engineering and science in the coming years, DEFRA, the UK government department responsible for policy and regulations on the environment, food and rural affairs, has launched  The Future of Farming review, an innovative program designed to encourage young people to work in […] More

  • LiveWell Project Singles Out Western Diet

    The United States isn’t the only country in which food is a hot topic. In fact, other areas of the globe are looking at the typical Western diet as a “what not to do” when it comes to revamping their own health and nutrition programs. But, are they actually making good recommendations after all? The […] More

  • The State of Solar Incentives in the UK – The Story So Far

    Back in April 2010, the UK’s Feed-in Tariff scheme was introduced by the government, which aimed to increase the level of renewable energy in accordance with the legal commitment to produce at least 15% of the country’s total energy from renewables by 2020. After nearly two years, how well is the system working? More

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