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  • The Waste Biz: CES 2016 To Feature E-Waste Recycling Event

    The holidays are over, and that means it’s time to get out of holiday mode. So after a month without Waste Biz posts, we’re getting back on track here. Looking forward to an exciting new year in the waste industry! As a former Las Vegas resident, my attitude towards the mammoth CES (Consumer Electronics Show) […] More

  • The Invisible People Who Take our Trash "Away"

    Ever gotten stuck behind a garbage truck? Or heard one banging against a dumpster in the middle of the night? I’d guess that for most of us, these inconveniences/disturbances are among the few times we give any thought to the people who deal with our waste after we throw it “away.” More

  • Rachel Mace: A Renegade of Eco Fashion

    Rachel Mace, also known as Keseken in the modeling and online worlds, is a 20-year-old model and self-taught fashion designer who resides in Spokane, Washington. She weaves, melts and stretches unconventional materials into high-fashion, sustainable women’s clothing. Mace will debut her Totally Trashed Fashion collection of formal and causal dresses, ball gowns, and lingerie made […] More

  • Green Living Tips: Greening Your Garbage (Beyond Recycling)

    There are many ways to make your garbage just a little bit more environmentally friendly. You know about recycling and how important it is. But even when you do that, you’re still left with trash bag after trash bag full of garbage. When it comes to garbage, seek out packaging that can be recycled. Containers […] More

  • Five for Friday: Great Green Blog Posts for the Week (7/23/10)

    While the oil spill continues to dominate the green blogosphere, one of the most interesting things I’m seeing this week is the relative quiet about tropical storm Bonnie heading right towards the central Gulf Coast. Could be these posts haven’t gotten indexed yet… would love to see some details on the potential impacts of the […] More

  • Artwork from Trash: Transforming the way we see waste and the disappearing reefs

    While Ecologic Designs (one of my previous posts) is thriving by making practical products out of various waste streams – demonstrating green innovation and up-cycling – some artists around the world are working with a new medium: trash. These artists are coming together, actively gathering vast quantities of debris floating up on shorelines or collecting […] More

  • Eat Chips, Save Trash: One L.A. Guy's Almost Zero-waste Year

    Think hardcore environmentalism requires living like a monk? Not if you ask Dave Chameides, a steadicam operator living in L.A. who collected all his trash for a year and blogged about the project. Dave created less trash in all of 2008 than an average American family throws out in a week. And more impressively, he […] More

  • Disposable Planet: Saving Resources with Reusable Products

    With Fourth of July just a few days away, I bet that many of you are getting all geared up and stocked up for a celebration of some sort. Be it a barbeque, a trip, a fireworks display, or some other means of declaring your independence from work, the long weekend ahead will likely require […] More

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