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  • Putting the Environment First

    The choices we make every day give us the opportunity to put the environment, and the health of future generations, first. More

  • Bicycle Share Fact Sheet

    The prevalence of bicycles in a community is an indicator of our ability to provide affordable transportation, lower traffic congestion, reduce air pollution, increase mobility, and provide exercise to the world’s growing population. More

  • Cogburn CB4 Realtree Hunting Bike is a Silent but Deadly Survival Ride

    Whenever I watch post-apocalyptic sci-fi or zombie outbreak movies, I’m always shocked at how much noise everyone makes – especially when the characters are shown “hunting” for food. Here’s a bit of a newsflash for you: animals can hear your pickup/ATV/dirtbike coming, almost literally a mile away. What you need is something small, light, and […] More

  • U.S. Bike-Sharing Fleet More than Doubles in 2013

    The opening of the San Francisco Bay Area bike share on August 29, 2013, brings the combined fleet of shared bikes in the United States above 18,000, more than a doubling since the start of the year. The United States is now home to 34 modern bike-sharing programs that allow riders to easily make short trips on two wheels without having to own a bicycle. More

  • World Water Day – the Q-Drum

    In honor of World Water Day, I thought I’d post a bit about a nifty invention – the Q-Drum.

    The Q-Drum is a container which rolls across the ground as it is dragged behind a person. More

  • Can Solar-Powered Sailing Ships Open Up Ocean-Based Commerce?

    Lower-tech forms of shipping could open up whole worlds of economic opportunity… and with marginal environmental impact, if done right. The creators of the Greenheart Project are trying to accomplish those goals with the development of a simply-designed, solar and sail-powered ship created specifically for use by some of the world’s poorest people. More

  • Need a Ride to Burning Man?

    Getting to the site of the annual Burning Man gathering is a challenge in itself; Bay Area-based ridesharing service Ridejoy traces its roots to helping people make this difficult trip. More

  • Bicycle Rental: A Small Step to Going Greener

    Cutting down on car emissions and using less fuel are two ways that help us green our lives. Commuting by bicycle is a great way to do this, but what if you live too far from work to make this a feasible option? How can the average person who doesn’t own a bicycle take advantage of all its green benefits? The answer is a bicycle share program, of course. In fact, there may already be a share site in your area. More

  • Could Cities Adopt an Ecovillage Ethos?

    Could existing cities adopt the mindset and practices found in ecovillages? What would that look like? Dancing Rabbit co-founder Tony Sirna imagines the possibilities. More

  • ebony wood spoon

    The Need For A Shareable Moving Service

    I’m positive we’re not the first people to hate the idea of spending more than these belongings are worth just to be reunited with them. Like with anything in life, I wonder, how can sharing solve this problem? More

  • Transport of the Future: Heretical Thinking about How We Get Around

    Do we spend too much time considering the climate impact of our transportation choices, and acting accordingly? That’s a heretical question in many of the circles that I move in… but, according to Andrew Winston in the video above, those are exactly the kinds of questions we need to ask in order to deal with […] More

  • New Technology Turns Bike Rides Into Cash

    Getting your cash-strapped local government to spring for the infrastructure and maintenance of a bike-sharing program can be difficult. Unless you’ve got a compelling way to make money with it. More

  • Reducing Carbon Emissions on the Road: from Cars to Infrastructure

    Slowly, it seems that everyone is waking up to the dangerous potential of our dinosaur-sized carbon footprints. And speaking of dinosaurs, perhaps the worst contributor to world-wide CO2 emissions is fossil fuel consumption. One of the driving forces behind all of these emissions is, well, driving. Between personal travel, commercial transport and construction and maintenance, […] More

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