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    Tomatoes: Tomatoland Reveals the Sordid Truth

    Who knew the story of tomatoes was so sordid: modern-day slavery, environmentally destructive chemical agriculture, and fossil fuel guzzling cross-country shipping– all for America’s least favorite fruit? Though the book was published in 2011, Tomatoland: How Modern Industrial Agriculture Destroyed our Most Alluring Fruit is still quite relevant today and makes for a fascinating read for anyone with an interest in agriculture, politics and their own connection to food. More

  • Biotech Playing Catchup – New GMO Purple Tomato Same Benefits as Old Non-GMO Purple Tomato

    Scientists in England developed a genetically modified purple tomato with higher antioxidant levels than the average red supermarket tomato. They hope to have it on the market in three years.

    Meanwhile, a few years ago, scientists in Oregon developed a non-GMO purple tomato with higher antioxidant levels than the average red supermarket tomato. You can buy it online now, if you’re looking for a boost of antioxidants. More

  • How To Make The Most Of Those Beautiful, Bountiful Tomatoes

    Seasonal produce rocks, but it doesn’t get any better than a fresh, locally-grown tomato, whether you’ve nurtured it to ripeness yourself or found a friendly farmers market with an abundant supply. I find it hard to pass a market stand without grabbing a few. Unfortunately, I’m the only one in my house that eats them, so I’m always looking for ways to use those treasures before their inevitable decline. Here are my favorite ways to enjoy the best summer produce that exists: Tomatoes. More

  • The Beauty of Heirloom Seeds

    Heirloom seeds offer small links to our past that can feed us today. Their proven track record can help us grow safer, better tasting, chemical-free fruits and vegetables while we’re trying to be self-sufficient and a friend to Mother Nature. More

  • Campaign for Fair Food Increases Wages by a Penny per Pound

    For the last decade, the Campaign for Fair Food has been trying to reform labor conditions in Florida’s tomato industry. The Campaign for Fair Food, sponsored by the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW), made a big step forward last week when Pacific Tomato Growers agreed to several key labor improvements, as well as a penny a pound raise for the tomato pickers working in the fields. Another big step forward occurred this week when Florida’s largest tomato grower, Six L’s, also agreed to the improvements and raise in pay. More

  • The Best Tomatoes for Sauce: San Marzano Tomatoes

    Ask any chef and they’ll tell you that San Marzanos are the best tomatoes for sauce. The flesh of San Marzanos is thicker and meatier than other sauce tomatoes, they have fewer seeds, a bolder flavor, and they’re less acidic. The end result?Β  These tomatoes just melt into sauces. More

  • In Season Now: Cherry and Grape Tomatoes

    Ah, bite-sized tomatoes, fresh off the vine and warmed by the July sun. What’s not to love? Here’s my favorite recipe for cherry and grape tomatoes: Tomato Salad with Soy Sauce. It’s fast, easy, and tastes like summer. More

  • Urban Homesteading Blog

    Eating Local: A Home Made Upside Down Tomato Planter

    We’re all about local eats around here, and what’s more local than food you grew on your balcony or in your own back yard? With summer here in full swing, it’s a great time to get some tomato plants going. It might be a bit late to start from seed, but score some nice organic […] More

  • Hunting the Elusive BPA Free Canned Tomato

    Last week, we talked a little bit about General Mills’ Muir Glen tomatoes ditching the BPA in their cans. It was a little bit unclear as to when these new cans would be available and how to tell which tomatoes were in the new BPA-free cans. I contacted Muir Glen but hadn’t heard back from […] More

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    Pomi Tomatoes: A BPA Free Alternative to Cans

    I don’t know about you guys, but since learning that canned tomatoes contain BPA, I haven’t been buying them. It’s sort of put a crimp in my cooking, since tossing in a can of tomatoes was such a nice way to add flavor and nutrition to soups, stews, and sauces. Luckily, the folks at Pomi […] More

  • Alkaline Eating for Better Body Chemistry, PH Levels, and Overall Health

    Going to a body and nutrition expert with my husband is one of the best things we’ve done for ourselves. What was the key take away? Warning! Turn Alkaline! Turn Alkaline? Are we magicians? Well according to biochemists we are! You can change your body chemistry with what you eat! Chemicals have seeped into foods, […] More

  • Five More Greenish Products You've Seen on TV

    Think back to the last direct-marketed product you saw on television. You probably remember the hyped-up pitch person, the “special offer” for buying now, the price that ends .95.Β  You may also remember thinking “Why would anyone want that?” Yes… most of the products marketed on television border on useless crap.Β  They’re symbols of conspicuous […] More

  • Food as thy Medicine: Healing with Nature in Fall…

    Here are a few known healing properties of common foods you may be tempted to enjoy at fall festivities: Cranberries: As you may already know, cranberries are body purifiers, low in calories, have no fat and are a nice source of Vitamin C. This health blog states: “some of the health benefits of eating cranberries: […] More

  • Easy Tomato Shallot Soup Recipe

    After reading Robin’s post last week on easy weeknight meals, I was craving that comfort food classic, tomato soup and grilled cheese.Β  I’ve been eating it in various incantations since I was tiny, and I wanted a refined, yet simple version of soup.Β  I looked through several cookbooks for a filling soup that only required […] More

  • Garden Recipes: Slow Roasted Tomato Sauce

    Got tomatoes? Looking for a simple, delicious way to use those?Β  Because we planted somewhat late, we’re at the peak of our tomato harvest, and last night I made my first pasta sauce from scratch from slow-roasted plum tomatoes fresh from the garden. Slow-roasting concentrates the sweet flavor of the tomatoes, transforming them into an […] More

  • Sustainability, the First Time Organic Gardener, and Carl Spackler

    If you were one of my Facebook friends, you would be able to see that right now “Robin is channeling Carl Spackler. Where’s the dynomite!” You remember Carl Spackler, don’t you? The Bill Murray character from Caddyshack. The guy whose only goal in life was to get the gopher. No matter what he tried, he […] More

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    Farmers Market Fare 14

    Farmers Market Fare is back this week for the seriously hot days of summer. Despite the heat, I’ve been out and about doing farm tours. Last weekend was Tomato Fest, with a celebration of heirloom tomatoes, chef demonstrations, barbecue, music. If you have a chance to get out to a farm tour event like this, […] More

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    Nutrient Study Challenges Raw Foodism

    The raw food movement began with a fringe group of eaters in the mid 1970s and has since gained mainstream status along with other alternative diets such as veganism and macrobiotic eating. Most major cities and many smaller ones now boast raw food restaurants. Raw cookbooks abound and celebrities like Carol Alt, Woodie Harrelson and […] More