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    Fitness for Geeks

    The World Health Organization estimates that lifestyle-oriented diseases will cost the global economy $30 trillion over the next 20 years (that includes smoking and alcohol abuse, as well as chowing down sugary and salt-laden snack foods). What’s going on here—why do we have such a massive health crisis? Don’t our experts have an incredibly deep […] More

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    Spotted: 3D Chocolate Printer [video]

    If you’re into fun techie stuff, you’ve probably seen 3D printers – devices that use melted plastic to “print” 3D designs. Dr. Liang Hao from Britain’s University of Exeter just released a 3D printer that works on the same principle, only instead of plastic, it prints chocolate. More

  • The Cost of Solar Continues to Decline

    As the cost of solar panels continues to decline and the technology continues to improve, both in collection and storage capacity, the use of solar could become an even more attractive option. More

  • Using Neural Networks to Improve Agriculture

    Researchers are using sophisticated image processing techniques to better identify plants so that less herbicide can be used on our conventionally grown crops. This is obviously a good thing, as herbicides can be quite nasty to the environment and human health. More

  • Tour a Sustainable Community: Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage Open House, Sept. 24

    Ever wonder what it’s like to live in a sustainable community? Or what life is like off-the-grid, using renewable energy? On September 24, Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage will be hosting its annual Open House. The community will be open to the public for an afternoon of tours and behind the scenes information of living in a […] More

  • Afghan City Builds DIY Internet Out Of Trash

    An open-source project brings high-speed internet and an amazing sense of community and self-sufficiency to a village in Afghanistan. But the implications of uninhibited access could rock the developed world as well. More

  • Wireless Power in Your Food

    Some day, you may be able to heat a single-sized serving cup of soup up at your desk, without a microwave, stove or even a match. It would be done with just the pull of a tab! More

  • Need Clean Drinking Water? Make Your Own DIY Clay Filter

    It’s a sad fact that most of the water in the world needs filtering before it can be safely drunk. It’s the result of many years of industrialization and the resulting pollution in the air, soil, and water. However, most water filters are a fairly expensive and technology-dependent solution to the problem, and it’s not […] More

  • AWWA Hosts The World’s Water Event

    Improving how U.S. water utilities access and provide water to their communities will play an important role in the how we deal with our country’s water future. And what better way to gain insight into best practices and see who’s tapping into the current than some healthy competition? During the week of June 20, The […] More

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