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  • Update: Sean Law's Fight to Keep His Food Forest… and His Home

    Originally, I’d planned just to update the post I wrote on Wednesday when I got the decision of the Longwood, Florida city council about Sean Law’s accrued fines levied over his budding permaculture food forest. But there’s plenty to share – enough to warrant a separate post. First, the decision: as expected, the city council […] More

  • Sean Law’s Food Forest May Cost Him His Home [Video]

    UPDATE: The decision is in from the city… I’ve written a separate post about it. Over the past few years, I’ve come across a number of stories of homeowners running afoul of City Hall by choosing to plant gardens in front of their houses instead of “traditional” lawns. These gardeners have risked everything from snubs […] More

  • Top Five US Cities for Urban Homesteading

    Where do urban homesteaders live? Where are they gathering? Using the Gallup Wellbeing Index as a jumping off point, here are the top five cities for happy homesteading. More

  • 4 US Meetups Bringing American Gardeners Together

    Gardening’s often a solitary endeavor, but sometimes you want to swap stories and tips with fellow planting enthusiasts. These four meetups around the United States provide opportunities for socializing with other gardeners. More

  • plastic water bottles

    Crowd-Funding Open Source Permaculture

    Putting โ€œopen sourceโ€ and โ€œpermacultureโ€ together is a savvy combination, and in this case, itโ€™s also really useful. Add “crowd sourcing” and you’ll have the complete online tool for all things permaculture. More

  • Six Reasons to Get a Pond

    If you’ve been thinking about getting a pond, but haven’t quite decided, the Permaculture Artisans Network offers these six reasons to get a pond. More

  • chicken tractor

    How to Build a Chicken Tractor: 4 Plans

    Thinking about raising chickens for eggs or meat? A chicken tractor allows you to move the birds’ home around easily, so they’re getting a varied diet, and fertilizing your yard as you’d like. More

  • Douglas Bullock

    Best Fruit Trees for Seattle

    At my permaculture design course last weekend the guest speaker was Douglas Bullock, of the well-known Bullock Brothers Permaculture Homestead on Orcas Island. Douglas was lecturing on the overall topic of soil, and specifically spoke about nitrogen-fixing plants, sheet mulching, microclimates, and last but not least, orchard design and his personal fruit tree recommendations for […] More

  • Oakland's Planting Justice: Transforming Urban Life through Permaculture

    [youtube][/youtube] Planting Justice is a nonprofit based in Oakland, CA that offers a unique model for urban transformation. It brings together designing and implementing Permaculture projects with door-to-door community organizing and education in a way that creates a synergy between each of them. Its mission is to grow food, grow jobs and grow community. Today, […] More

  • Grow Healthy Garden Vegetables With Companion Planting

    Did you know that basilย can enhance the flavor and growth of your tomatoes? Or that garlic can repel aphids if you plant them near roses? Companion planting is a centuries-old technique of growing different plants together in your garden for increasing productivity, detracting pests, and other benefits. Instead of simply planting blocks of the same […] More

  • Home Grown Food, What Could Be More Sustainable and Healthy?

    The Obamas could change America and the world if they were to swap out some of their White House lawn for an organic or biodynamic garden.ย  But what about YOUR backyard?ย  Heck, for that matter, what about your front yard? Hiring a good landscape designer knowledgeable about permaculture and organic/biodynamic gardening would be a terrific […] More

  • Permaculture: Perennial Vegetables Save Gardening Time and Energy

    Many gardeners are familiar with the yearly pattern of creating and mending garden beds, starting seedlings, transplanting, watering plants, and then finally harvesting their favorite vegetables. It’s a lot of work to go through each year. But unfamiliar to many gardeners are perennial vegetables — vegetables that do not require annual plantings, and provide fruit, […] More