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  • Using a Cold Frame to Start Your Summer Garden

    Using a cold frame is a fantastic low-tech way to start your seeds for a summer vegetable garden. Even if you have a long growing season, you’ll have your yummy veggies on the table earlier in the summer than if you wait to sow your seeds directly in the soil. More

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    Crowd-Funding Open Source Permaculture

    Putting “open source” and “permaculture” together is a savvy combination, and in this case, it’s also really useful. Add “crowd sourcing” and you’ll have the complete online tool for all things permaculture. More

  • Lean, Mean and Green Spring Cleaning

    Everyone knows how dangerous chemical cleaning solutions are, but avoiding them is easier said than done. Make Spring Cleaning 2012 more eco-friendly with these sustainable cleaning choices. More

  • How Green Design in Government Buildings Saves Taxpayer's Money

    We know that, on a personal level, efficiency saves money. It also reduces our impact on our strained environment which is becoming a bigger concern with each passing year. There are many average people who are changing their habits and the way they interact with their environments so as to embrace green living. More

  • Romancing the Goat & Urban Homesteading

    Laugh, learn and listen to the Green Divas Radio Show & Podcast!

    There was lots of talk about sustainable communities, food coops, backyard chicken envy, edible lawns and if you want to LOL, don’t miss the bit where Rodman talks about having to sing to a goat to get her to let him milk her on his pilot episode. More

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    Make Your Own Energy-Saving Thermal Curtains

    Windows are very frequently a source of lost heat in your home. Older homes may suffer from only having single-paned windows, which lose a large amount of heat, and even newer double-paned insulated windows lack enough insulation against cold winter temperatures and wind. However, you can save home heating costs and easily bulk up the […] More

  • How To Live Richly: Go Green on a Budget

    There should be no secrets among those who continue to prosper in mostly non-financial ways despite the challenging economic times.  These people live (and perhaps work) following the laws of nature more than the “laws of supply and demand” of the increasingly dysfunctional “free” and global marketplace. Here’s how to thrive in the abundance of […] More

  • Book Review: The Nation’s Guide to the Nation

    For some people, The Nation’s Guide to the Nation by Richard Lingeman and the editors of The Nation could be mistaken for a guidebook for “Cultural Creatives,” we citizens living in America (and abroad) who deeply care about the environment and fellow humankind, where sustainable living is sensible living.  Edited by The Nation’s former executive […] More

  • Texas Town Enforces Chicken Ban, Assaults Sustainable Living

    The small city of Lancaster, Texas has had a law on its books banning all chickens within the city limits, but for years it had gone unnoticed and unenforced, until recently.  That changed when a local resident found out that the previously unknown law would now be enforced citing anyone who kept chickens within the […] More

  • Book Review: True Green Home by Kim McKay and Jenny Bonnin

    Living a low-impact, eco-friendly life often boils down to simplicity and sheer common sense. Just follow the old proverb “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,” and you will be a long way towards minimizing your impact on the environment. But sometimes consuming less and acting with a green heart still leaves much in the “gray area” of wastefulness […] More

  • Your New Year's Green Year Resolution

    Almost everyone loves to make a New Year’s resolution in those heady, sugar-infused, belt-stressing days after Christmas. Yes, New Year’s resolutions are popular and fun to make…though they are harder to keep for sure. Luckily no one is keeping tabs…unless you sign an oath in blood or something like that. Some people make a resolution […] More

  • Locavores: Get to Know Your Local Farms

    The local food movement is gathering steam. To keep locavores informed about best farming practices, one organization spreads the word about what sustainable farmers are achieving under the radar. Formed as a coalition of schools, Mid-Atlantic-based nonprofit organizations, and the USDA, the Small Farm Success Project is “dedicated to helping small and emerging farmers improve […] More

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    Linking Food, Culture, Health, and the Environment: A Visual Guide

    What a wonderful time of year to express gratitude for our natural world and how it nourishes us. Discover through this free visual guide how an enriched school or family environment can enhance student understanding of personal well-being and the natural world. The guide is available for download in pdf format, and while it is designed […] More

  • Sustainability: Blending Lifestyle and Workstyle in a Green Business

    Last week I wrote about how much of my hard work when I toiled away for a large advertising agency (definitely NOT sustainability-minded) ended up contributing to the problems facing humanity. It didn’t get me much further ahead financially, either. When I think about sustainability, I’ve come to the conclusion it needs to be something […] More

  • Why Blackberries are Bad for Your Taxes

    I went to Northern California recently on a business trip.  I got too much done.  Meetings, work sessions, proposals, emails, conference calls, and a few very memorable dinners. Four cities in just as many days. Before returning to San Francisco, I stayed with a friend in a small town up north. One sunny morning I […] More

  • Simple Living and Operating a Sustainable Green Business

    “Simple living” continues to garner much pop culture hype, sparking books, magazines and a slew of self-help opportunities to assist you to declutter, scale back and slow down. Environmentally conscious and sustainable living fall under the simple living radar, but where does ecopreneuring or running a green business fit in? My wife and I incorporated […] More

  • Towards a (Re)Definition of Sustainability: Justin Van Kleeck and Caroline Savery. 1-Justin

    [Authors’ Introduction: This represents the first in a series of posts in which Sustainablog contributors Justin Van Kleeck and Caroline Savery discuss sustainability–in both philosophical and practical terms–and ultimately grope our way towards some definition(s) of “sustainability.” The posts grow out of e-mails that we traded recently relating to Caroline’s Sust Enable project. This is […] More

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