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  • Stop Food Waste. Value Food More.

    Sustainable America just launched a new initiative to reduce food waste: I Value Food. It’s a movement designed to provide a fresh look at food waste’s impact and how we can reduce our food waste footprint. More

  • Book Review: The Anthropocene, by Christian Schwagerl

    For better or worse, this is the age of the human, with the choices that we make affecting the Earth on a geological scale. Such is the premise of The Anthropocene, written by Christian Schwagerl and given to me by a publicist who found my sweet spot for Doomsday literature. “Anthropocene” means “the epoch of […] More

  • Book Review: Practical Projects for Self-Sufficiency

    Let’s say that self-sufficiency is a spectrum. You like to garden? You’re on the low end of the spectrum. You can the produce from that garden? You’re a little higher on the spectrum. You irrigate your garden with captured rainwater? Higher still. Fertilize your garden with humanure? You’re really high on the spectrum; there aren’t […] More

  • What is a Foodie? Ask Mark Bittman.

    I quit thinking of myself as a “foodie” when I realized it didn’t accurately convey the way I think and feel about food. So what is a foodie? And what am I? More

  • Efficient Wind Power Designs Advance Clean Tech Cause

    So far, the story of the US renewable energy transformation has skipped a key chapter, which is the exploitation of our massive offshore wind power potential. In the offshore wind category, the US has been lagging far behind other nations. However, the spotlight is starting to swing out to embrace this wind power option, and […] More

  • 8 Wine Trends We’re Loving Right Now

    The wine industry is surprisingly adaptable for a craft that’s been around for thousands of years. Wine-makers are flexible in modifying their processes to keep up with changing consumer demands and environmental issues. These wine trends are telling examples of the wine industry’s innovation and resilience. More

  • 5 Reasons I’d Still Be Vegan If I Were a Dude

    As the vegan movement grows, statistics say it resonates most strongly with women — at least so far. Of the 2.5 million or so Americans who identify themselves as part of Team Vegan, about 79% are female. Society sends some screwy messages about ‘acceptable’ gender-based behavior; in this case, those messages may be doing men a disservice. Vegan eating isn’t ‘a girl thing’ — especially if you’re a fellow who values strength, health, environmentalism, and sex! More

  • Celebrating Sustainability Initiatives at Historically Black Colleges & Universities

    I was an assistant professor at an historically Black university (or an HBCU) back when I started sustainablog in 2003. As such, I’ve always had an interest in sustainability initiatives at these schools. Unfortunately, HBCUs tend to get overlooked when it comes time to put together those lists of top sustainability institutions. While some may […] More

  • Sustainability in Israel: The Present and the Future

    Israel, a country perhaps best known for its religious heritage and rich history, has quietly been taking steps toward a sustainable future. The country is not large, with an expected population of just 11 million residents by 2030 (from 8 million nowadays), but it faces some extreme challenges in terms of sustainability. More

  • Why Did You Think They Were Called “Heirloom Seeds”?

    Most of us in the Western world get the majority of our food from the local grocery store. Generally, they are huge buildings that are stocked with an amazing variety of food from across the planet. These massive food stores, however, depend on a supply chain that is much more fragile than it might appear […] More

  • juice pouch wallet step 4

    NPR Uncovers The Truth Behind Sustainable Coffee

    This morning Dan Charles from NPR did a great 8-minute piece called Coffee For A Cause: What Do Those Feel-Good Labels Deliver? In his show he starts with the state of coffee production today: Much of our coffee comes from places where the environment is endangered and workers earn very little — sometimes, just a […] More

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