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  • South Africa to Monsanto: GMO Crops Aren’t Producing More Sustainable Food

    South Africa’s Advertising Standards Authority has ordered biotech giant Monsanto to immediately withdraw an advertisement it’s been running on the country’s Radio 702 channel. The decision comes after the African Centre for Biosafety submitted a complaint to the ASA after the ad was aired and found to be inappropriate. More

  • Can’t Drink the Water? Just Drink Beer

    If the water flowing from your tap were contaminated, how would you quench your thirst? Rather than run the risk of contracting a waterborne disease, some residents of Mpumalanga province in South Africa have turned to beer to stay hydrated. More

  • World Water Day – the Q-Drum

    In honor of World Water Day, I thought I’d post a bit about a nifty invention – the Q-Drum.

    The Q-Drum is a container which rolls across the ground as it is dragged behind a person. More

  • South Africa Fracking Arid Karoo

    South Africa lifted a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing last week and shale gas exploration will soon begin in the arid Karoo region. Worries about the water supply in the Karoo were voiced by several groups, prompting Mineral Resources Minister Susan Shabangu to promise that any threat to water in South Africa result in a shutdown of fracking. More

  • The Wonderbag Comes to the Cloud

    Wonderbag, the clean insulating cooker, is partnering up with Microsoft to develop robust data on the distribution of its signature product, and the carbon savings realized by their use. More

  • Corporate Giants Bringing Diabetes, Heart Disease, Obesity to Developing World

    The wonderful potential of corporate globalization. Rich corporations that have compromised the health of people living in rich countries can now do so in the developing world, as well. “Diabetes, obesity and heart disease rates are soaring in developing countries, as multinationals find new ways of selling processed food to the poor,” the Guardian reports. […] More

  • Wine Worker Abuse in South Africa?

    A recent Human Right Watch report talks about wine worker abuse in South Africa, but does that mean we should be boycotting all wine from that region? More

  • Solar Water Heaters Booming in South Africa

    After experiencing a power crisis a few years ago and contending with the cost of domestic water heating, South Africa is leaning heavily towards an eco-friendly alternative. Over the past 14 years, the solar water heater market has grown a whopping 2000%, with more growth expected in the coming years. In South Africa, domestic water […] More

  • Help Kickstart a New Narrative on Sustainability

    [youtube][/youtube] “Narrative is the lens through which we view our lives.” That may strike you as a bit abstract at first, but, with just a little thought, you can probably see how you view yourself and those around you as part of a story… and maybe even recognize that story as (largely) culturally prescribed. We […] More

  • Do Sustainable Practices Make Better Wine?

    The question I’ve been thinking about for the last few days is this – does making a product while considering the planet and people, actually make the product better? For wine at least, I think the answer lies in a broader understanding of the idea of terroir – the “place” a wine comes from. More

  • Making and Drinking Better Wines

    This is the third post in a series from Tom Lynch, Founder of Worthwhile Wine Company. Tom is currently traveling through South Africa from village to vineyard and sharing his experiences from both settings here. More

  • Bones, Compost, Ash, Ants, and Sustainable Vegetable Gardens

    This is the second post in a series from Tom Lynch, Founder of Worthwhile Wine Company. Tom and his daughter are currently traveling through South Africa and working with some of the most amazing sustainable farmers in the world, rich and poor, as they explore how sustainable farming is creating a more sustainable society. Inzinga, […] More

  • Sustainable Farming Making a Sustainable Society

    Hi. I’m Tom Lynch, Founder of Worthwhile Wine Company, an importer of great, sustainably made wines from South Africa. I’m also the Co-Founder with my teenage daughter, Miranda, of Isipho, Inc., a nonprofit company that is empowering the people of a remote rural South African village to lift themselves out of poverty through sustainable food […] More

  • South African Farmer Pulls Power from Poop

    Chicken poop ain’t pretty, but it’s potential as an energy source has a number of large-scale poultry operations taking a second look at the smelly stuff. The price tags on such projects can climb pretty high, though: Georgia’s Green Power EMC project, for instance, was projected to cost $20 million when announced in early 2006. […] More