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  • Clean Drinking Water Just One Benefit Of Better Toilets [Video]

    If you ran across someone defecating in the street, you’d probably call the police (and get a response from them). In India, however, this is a very common practice in rural areas: according to Joe Madiath of non-governmental organization Gram Vikas, 70% of Indians take care of “#2” right out in the open. This leads […] More

  • A Whole New Way to Think about "Paying with Plastic"

    The very best solutions not only come up with a brilliant answer to an important problem, but often manage to help address other issues too. Here’s one that seems to fit that bill, pointed out to us by Izabella Kaminska. It’s called Plastic Bank. More

  • Sometimes, a T-Shirt Does Make One a Change Agent

    Yep, we’ve all seen those folks who think a progressive message on a t-shirt (or a bumper sticker, etc.) actually makes a difference. In most cases, no: just a bit more action is needed to play the role of change agent. But if that shirt comes from San Francisco’s Lonesome George & Co., you might just have a good argument… More

  • The Pedal Powered Business: Turning Human Power into Profit

    The energy transferred from biker to bike doesn’t necessarily have to create forward motion: it can be put to other uses. A few entrepreneurs around the world have seen the profit potential in pedaling: here are a handful of businesses powering themselves at least partially by human power. More

  • Green Business Blog Carnival #13

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, step right up… it’s Carnival time! Welcome to the greatest show in the green business blogosphere… the Green Business Blog Carnival! Hopefully, you made the trip to Green Building Elements last week for edition #12 of the Carnival (and, of course, you still can)… and now’s the time to […] More

  • Five for Friday: Great Green Blog Posts for the Week (8/20/10)

    Some time back in an Earth & Industry podcast, I said that I hoped news of the BP oil spill wouldn’t go away once the hole was plugged… there would clearly be stories related to this disaster for years to come. Now that the hole is plugged, the green blogosphere seems to be doing a […] More

  • Greener Bottled Water? Really?

    Still have bottled water as a regular item on the grocery list? Or just pick up the occasional bottle when you’re out? It’s so convenient… As you probably know, that convenience comes at an environmental and social price: documentaries such as FLOW and Thirst, organizations such as the Sierra Club and Environmental Defense Fund, and […] More