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  • Introducing The 2011 Handmade Holiday Gift Guide!

    This holiday season, Insteading will feature a series of posts about simple, sustainable, DIY/handmade gift ideas. These posts will help to spark your imagination as well as support small businesses, crafters, and makers in communities around the country. More

  • Bartercard: The Credit Card For A Cashless Economy

    By using bartering for things like office supplies, client lunches, or media development, businesses can save their hard-earned cash for expenses that can’t be paid through barter, like utility bills or employee salaries. More

  • Local Currency: A Legal Alternative To Cash

    “Money usually has three attributes. It is a medium of indirect barter. It is a store of value. It is a unit of account. However, money does not need to be all three at once.” More

  • How Coworking Enhances The Entire Community

    Those that operate or are employed by traditional businesses might think they’re exempt from the benefits of coworking, but there are more than a few reasons why the 9-5 crowd should be happy when coworkers set up shop. More

  • Is Your Community Ready For Coworking?

    How can you know that there’s enough demand for a coworking space in your town without personally polling each and every remote worker or freelancer in a 20 mile radius? Three coworking space owners share their ideas. More

  • Five for Friday: Great Green Blog Posts for the Week (10/8/10)

    Yep, it’s been a few weeks since we’ve done a Five for Friday… but not because of a dearth of attention-grabbing posts. There’s always good stuff going on in the green blogosphere… so time to get back to giving that good stuff some love. The BP oil spill, and the politics surrounding it, are keeping […] More