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  • Shoes Made from Tyvek: Does Durability Make a Product Sustainable?

    Tyvek shoes – sounds like something you’d expect to find in a Devo video, and nowhere else – right? Nope: startup shoemaker Unstitched Utilities makes a wide range of casual shoes from the material more commonly associated with envelopes and home wrap. But can you call shoes made from plastic “sustainable?” More

  • Leather Manufacturer ISA Tan Tec To Spend $8.7M On New Vietnam-Based Tannery

    Leather manufacturer ISA Tan Tec will spend $8.7 million on its new, Vietnam-based tannery aimed at producing leather using fewer resources than industry standards. The German/Chinese company was founded by CEO Thomas Schneider, who said that the demand from its clients for ecologically friendly leather is increasing rapidly. The Ho Chi Minh City location, set to open in mid-2009, will have 280 employees churning out two million square meters of leather a year. More

  • The Twelve Days of sustainablog: Dumpster Diving, Online Shopping and Hand Towels

    With several new GO blogs launching in March, a few of sustainablog’s regulars moved on to other posting assignments. We were fortunate that a number of friends, such as the folks at Life Goggles, Environmental Defense Fund, and Eco-Libris, did admirable jobs in filling the gap.  Additionally, we were pleased to republish several posts from […] More

  • Green Footing Part 1: Much Ado about the Shoe

    Editor’s note: We all know shoes leave a footprint, but probably haven’t given much thought to the environmental footprint created by shoe manufacturing. Travis Brown, a student in Professor Simran Sethi’s Media and the Environment course at the University of Kansas, takes a look at the impact of what we put on our feet. This […] More