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  • 4 US Meetups Bringing American Gardeners Together

    Gardening’s often a solitary endeavor, but sometimes you want to swap stories and tips with fellow planting enthusiasts. These four meetups around the United States provide opportunities for socializing with other gardeners. More

  • 5 Ways the Pacific Northwest Is Pushing Green Forward

    Make no mistake about it โ€“ the Pacific Northwest of the US has long been a frontrunner in the green movement. Then again, this isn’t a huge surprise. The area features majestic mountain ranges, lush forests and continually evolving eco-friendly towns and cities. Many residents make sustainability a priority, and the following demonstrates five ways the Pacific Northwest keeps pushing green forward. More

  • Eating Vegan in Seattle (part 3)

    For my third Seattle post, I saved some goodies for last! While I could have spent weeks dining in and around the Seattle area, I only had time enough for what Iโ€™ve covered but I know Iโ€™ll be back to uncover some more good eats! Letโ€™s get rollinโ€™ on the final five healthy, vegan and gluten free hot spots I found in this evergreen city! More

  • Eating Vegan in Seattle (part 2)

    As promised, here are some more delicious vegan Seattle secrets! Whether you are taking a leisurely city sightseeing tour or just passinโ€™ through on a west coast tour, these tasty hot spots are a must visit, regardless of your time in town. Ok, at least make time for a few of these because youโ€™ll be glad you did! More

  • Eating Vegan in Seattle (part 1)

    Seattle, the Pacific Northwestโ€™s Emerald City. Home of the Space Needle and Public Market as well as the birthplace of grunge music and Starbucks. This city by the sound is beautiful, lush and a hub for delicious eats. Itโ€™s a bustling town of hip and young folks and families who have built a green and veg-friendly metropolis. More

  • Seattle Net-Zero Townhome Building a Tribute to Less-Sexy Tech

    We green techies types love our solar arrays and wind turbines. Sure, that love comes partially from their ability to harvest energy without burning or emitting anything… but the aesthetic appeal of these technologies also plays into it. When taking a look at the building above, you’re probably drawn immediately to the solar panels… and […] More

  • The 5 Best Cities for Urban Gardening

    Going green isn’t something that is for individuals to do in their spare time anymore. It has become a way of life, and whole communities, even large cities, are making huge efforts to be more environmentally conscience. Many cities like Chicago, Boston, and San Francisco are becoming world wide leaders in taking the initiative to […] More

  • Sierra Club Activist May Be Next Seattle Mayor

    [social_buttons] I am paying close attention to the Washington primaries for a couple of reasons.ย  First I live just outside of Seattle, but more importantly, environmental issues are playing an important role in the Seattle mayoral and the King County Executive races.ย  Could the Emerald City get even greener? More

  • How Green Is Your City? SustainLane's 2008 Sustainable City Rankings

    SustainLane, a San Francisco based green media company has just announced its brand new U.S. city rankings today. Starting in 2005, SustainLane went through an exorbitant examination of sustainability initiatives in U.S. cities looking at a variety of factors: average traffic commutes, affordable housing, waste diversion, green space, energy usage, green buildings, natural disaster risk, air quality, water quality, public transportation, local food sources, and government innovations. James Elsen, the founder of SustainLane explains it in his article Whatโ€™s A Sustainable City, Anyway ?


  • Fire Starters: ELF Torches "Green" Homes

    The term “eco-terrorism” is getting thrown around again today after four multi-million dollar “green” homes in a Seattle suburb were torched by arsonists claiming affiliation with the Earth Liberation Front (ELF). Others have argued eloquently that “eco-terrorism” isn’t much more than a political language game: “terrorism” doesn’t describe the aims or methods of the “perpetrators,” […] More