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  • Seasonal Eating for Your Soul

    Fun fact: On Wednesdays I help Vegetable Husband, a local CSA, by sharing the week’s harvest on their blog along with some recipes to help folks cook what’s in their baskets. It’s a fun, delicious way to stay in tune with what’s local and seasonal, and these transitional times of year are my favorite. More

  • 8 Tasty Lettuce Recipes – No Salads Here!

    Spring is here, and we’re already knee deep in lettuce thanks to our local CSA. My husband and I aren’t big salad eaters, and I always feel guilty for tossing those bags of browned lettuce into the compost at the end of the week. Since I bet I’m not the only one having trouble with the lettuce bounty, I thought I’d share some salad-free lettuce recipes that I’ve been digging lately! More

  • Celebrate Thanksgiving With Local Foods Recipes

    Local foods play a big role in my life. I’m dedicated to eating as locally as possibly, and growing as much of my own food as I reasonably can. When there are foods I need to buy, I try to make sure they are organic and seasonal. More

  • Why Eat Seasonal Food?

    While our ancestors only consumed regional and seasonal food, the modern-day, mass availability of produce imported from all over the world means we can eat mango and kiwi year-round. This access to diverse foods is certainly a luxury, however, we also can’t forget why it’s important to stick to our roots – literally. More

  • Vegan Cashew Basil Pesto

    Pesto is a tasty, versatile way to highlight the spring’s bounty of fresh herbs. Here’s my very favorite pesto recipe. More

  • Winter Vegetable Recipe: Seasonal Veggie Roast

    Here’s a great comfort food recipe that’s hearty, healthy and very economical. I started doing this as a side dish for Thanksgiving meals, but with enough veggie diversity, it is a great main dish. Winter is a great time for root vegetables, and the portobello mushrooms give this dish an almost meaty kick. More

  • Eating Fresh Produce: Want to Know What Food is in Season?

    Strawberries in February, peaches in March, tomatoes in April… Can you guess where I am? Certainly not in a garden in North America. But the supermarket would have you think otherwise — that fruits and vegetables can be had at any time of the year. It simply isn’t the case. Most fruits and vegetables have […] More

  • What’s your favorite peach recipe?

    In the summer, there’s nothing quite as perfect as a ripe peach eaten straight out of hand. But I find them so irresistible at farmers markets and at pick-your-own farms that I often end up with more ripe peaches than I can eat! What’s your favorite way to use ripe peaches? More

  • In Season Now: Cherry and Grape Tomatoes

    Ah, bite-sized tomatoes, fresh off the vine and warmed by the July sun. What’s not to love? Here’s my favorite recipe for cherry and grape tomatoes: Tomato Salad with Soy Sauce. It’s fast, easy, and tastes like summer. More

  • In Season Now: Garlic Scapes

    Much like frisée, garlic scapes seem to inspire a lot of fear and skepticism at the farmers market. But instead of eying those tangly, green shoots with mistrust the next time you see them on a stand, I’d recommend snatching up as many as you can. More

  • What’s your favorite summer fruit or veggie?

    Summer’s here, which means that the farm is kicking into full gear. Although I relished spring’s shoots, salad greens, and sugar snap peas, the arrival of summer produce brings a different kind of thrill. What are you most looking forward to seeing at your farmers market, in your weekly CSA box, or ripening in your […] More

  • salad bar

    Frisée: The Forgotten Salad (in season now!)

    Many people are a bit scared of frisée. They worry that it will be too frizzy, too bitter, and too overwhelming to use as a salad green. This fear might arise from bad experiences with store-bought frisée, which can be woody and extremely bitter. But there’s no reason to fear this chicory when you’re getting […] More

  • Hunting for Wild Oyster Mushrooms

    Although this spring was a disappointing one for morels in my area, the past week’s mushroom haul has more than made up for it. One of the tastiest mushrooms in season now is the Oyster Mushroom. More

  • Top Ten Pea Shoot Recipes (In Season Now!)

    Like most green leafy vegetables, pea shoots – the young tendrils and leaves of the garden pea plant – are incredibly nutrient-dense. You can start looking for them at farmers markets or Asian markets in the spring and early summer. Two cups of raw pea shoots have 10 calories, zero fat, 35.5% of your recommended […] More

  • Five Great Resources for Finding Seasonal Food

    The weather here in Atlanta is warming up, and it’s got us craving delicious dinner salads and the lighter dishes that go along with warmer weather. If you’re looking include more local, seasonal produce in your own cooking, we’ve got some resources for you! More

  • Feed Your Libido- Sexually Enhancing Benefits of Pomegranates- Vegan Recipe Included

    For centuries, pomegranates have been used to promote fertility, increase vitality and to lengthen and improve human life. Foods that resembled seeds or eggs were historically thought to be aphrodisiacs. It turns out, those ancient sexual beings were on to something. The pomegranate, with its abundance of seeds, is said to be a symbol of […] More

  • Eat Local: How to Eat Local for Every Season

    Have you noticed that you crave different foods in different seasons? Your body knows best what it needs and when it needs it. Foods that are in season provide us the most flavor, freshness and most nutritional value at the most affordable price. Modern food producing and distribution makes food available on your grocery shelves […] More

  • Eating Green on a Budget

    Want to eat well but while keeping an eye on your budget? Not to worry—you don’t have to empty your wallet at Whole Paycheck Whole Foods in order to do so. Here are some tips on how to parlay your greenbacks into more affordable green eating. Prioritize your purchases. Buying organic makes for healthier, tastier […] More

  • Seasonal Food Recipes: The Great Pumpkin Soup

    Seasonal food is plentiful right now, much of it in the shape of squashes and gourds. Last night I took a page (literally) out of Barbara Kingsolver’s recent book, Animal, Vegetable Miracle. Ever since I read the chapter on smashing pumpkins, I knew I had to try the pumpkin soup experiment. For the uninitiated, she […] More

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