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  • Seasonal Eating for Your Soul

    Fun fact: On Wednesdays I help Vegetable Husband, a local CSA, by sharing the week’s harvest on their blog along with some recipes to help folks cook what’s in their baskets. It’s a fun, delicious way to stay in tune with what’s local and seasonal, and these transitional times of year are my favorite. More

  • How To Make The Most Of Those Beautiful, Bountiful Tomatoes

    Seasonal produce rocks, but it doesn’t get any better than a fresh, locally-grown tomato, whether you’ve nurtured it to ripeness yourself or found a friendly farmers market with an abundant supply. I find it hard to pass a market stand without grabbing a few. Unfortunately, I’m the only one in my house that eats them, so I’m always looking for ways to use those treasures before their inevitable decline. Here are my favorite ways to enjoy the best summer produce that exists: Tomatoes. More

  • Eating Vegan: A Vegan Hanukkah Menu

    As you prepare to celebrate Hanukkah this year, make it a little green by serving vegan or vegetarian foods, which are cruelty-free and entirely sustainable. Transforming your regular Hanukkah spread into one that includes plant-based components will spread joy, happiness, and good health to all. More

  • 6 Tips to Eat Healthy on a Budget

    You can eat healthy on a budget without giving up flavor or convenience! The best food we can eat isis packed with nutrients, yet not packed with calories. Inexpensive isn’t a bad trait either, and the cheapest foods can be canned, frozen, or fresh. What if you have a craving for something sweet? No problem, […] More

  • Heirloom Bean Project Wrap-Up

    Now that fall is here the results of my summer heirloom bean project are in: a total yield of almost four pounds of beautiful dry beans of several types. In all I grew seven runner beans and five varieties of “common” beans in my suburban garden. Why the excitement? I think it’s fantastic to be able to grow a healthy, delicious, protein source in my own back and front yards. Besides that, I love the versatility of bean dishes, and the varieties are endless if you search beyond the grocery store. You can grow your own and enjoy cooking them all winter. More

  • Vegan Pumpkin Pie Recipe

    Instead of heavy eggs and cream, this pumpkin pie uses silken tofu to get its creaminess. The beauty of tofu is that it takes on the flavors of the other ingredients, so when this pie is done you won’t even know it’s there! More

  • Top 8 Healthy Pumpkin Recipes

    Pumpkin and pumpkin puree are the perfect seasonal addition to healthy recipes. Here are eight ways to use that extra pumpkin in your pantry. More

  • Delicious Vegan Pumpkin Bread Recipe

    Just in time for Halloween, here’s a delicious vegan pumpkin bread recipe. The recipe makes three small loafs, or one larger loaf, of pumpkin bread. More

  • It’s Apple Picking Season!

    This is my favorite time of year. Who doesn’t love hot apple cider, pumpkin carving, Halloween decorations and of course, apple picking! More

  • modern-farmhouse-truex-cullins-vermont

    Eating Fresh, Local Food Direct Through Community Supported Agriculture

    If you’re looking to eat amazingly fresh food, support local farmers, and live a more sustainable lifestyle, then consider investing in a farm share. Also known as Community Supported Agriculture (or CSA), farm sharing has become an increasingly common option for consumers to purchase food directly from a local farm. More

  • Community Garden Tour: Edgewood Community Garden

    It seems like every neighborhood in Atlanta has a community garden these days, and since my running partner and I have been marathon training, I’ve been seeing more and more of them during our long, winding, weekend runs. I thought it might be fun to grab the camera and share some community garden goodness with you guys! More

  • peaches for peach salsa

    Peach Salsa: A Georgia-Inspired Recipe

    I just got back from a visit to Atlanta, Georgia where I got to a visit to some outrageous farmer’s markets. All of that fresh, local fruit inspired this recipe for a peach salsa that will go great with just about anything. More

  • In Season Now: Raspberries

    Sweet, tart, and juicy. Red raspberries are in season now. Add this fruit to your snacks and meals for an added fiber and vitamin C boost. More

  • Romaine Lettuce: In Season Now

    Summer weather calls for cool, fresh meals. Since romaine lettuce is in season from the start of spring well into the late summer months, each meal has potential to contain that crispy cool satisfaction. More

  • Asparagus is In Season Now

    Spring has arrived (finally in Michigan) and with it comes lovely vegetables like asparagus. Over the years this green spear has grown on me tremendously. So what makes this veggie so great? Here are the nutrition facts, and great preparation ideas! More

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