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  • No More Water for Texas Rice Farmers – Again

    Texas rice farmers will not receive water to irrigate their rice crops for second year in a row. The drought in Texas has left reservoir levels too low to share, according to the Lower Colorado River Authority. More

  • The Mother of All Grains for a Gluten-Free Rice Alternative

    I don’t know about you, but all this news about arsenic in rice is a bummer for this gluten-free green diva! I LOVE rice, and it is the basis of most of the grain alternatives I’ve turned to to avoid gluten – ugh. Now, I realize that not ALL rice is laden with arsenic, but this is all a good lesson in not relying heavily on any one type of grain or food too heavily – moderation and variety are probably always key to balancing out some of the harmful effects of any one food. More

  • Meat Consumption in China Now Double That in the United States

    More than a quarter of all the meat produced worldwide is now eaten in China, and the country’s 1.35 billion people are hungry for more. In 1978, China’s meat consumption of 8 million tons was one third the U.S. consumption of 24 million tons. But by 1992, China had overtaken the United States as the world’s leading meat consumer—-and it has not looked back since. More

  • Record Floods in Thailand

    While much of the United States continues with extreme droughts, huge swaths of Asia are struggling with record rains. The Thailand floods in September and October of 2011 are some of the worst the country has seen in living memory, resulting in more than $3 billion in damage. The rainfall in Thailand has been about […] More

  • Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes (my favorites?)

    My posts on vegan Thanksgiving recipes have been so popular I decided to branch out a little bit and provide you all with some vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes as well. Of course, each of these recipes could easily be made vegan by substituting tofu or vegan cheese for the cheese (the only part of each recipe […] More

  • Top Ten Grains According to Readers – Vote Now!

    Eating a variety of grains is a great way to add fiber to your diet. Grains like farro, wheat berries, brown rice, and quinoa are healthy and delicious alternatives to overrefined carbohydrates. What’s your favorite grain? Vote now! More

  • Strawberries (In Season Now)

    [social_buttons] Strawberries have just come into season here in Poland. The first batch or two we got weren’t great, but they are getting very good again now. (Last year’s may have been the best I’ve ever had.) I love to eat them plain but there are a few other ways we’ve been eating them as […] More

  • 3 Essential Vegan Condiments

    Here are 3 condiments I couldn’t imagine life without. [social_buttons] I was going to include the condiments below in my list of favorite foods the other day, but then more and more foods came to my mind and I decided that these might fit better in a list of their own. To combine with many […] More

  • Easy Gluten-Free Crust for Quiche and Pies

    [social_buttons] Here’s a fast and easy recipe for a brown rice crust that’s a perfect base for quiche and savory pies. It’s gluten-free, lighter than the classical pie pastry crust, and delicious. More

  • Rice Salads: Lunch for a Busy Week

    [social_buttons] Now that I’m working as a full-time farm intern, I have very little time in the morning to a pack a decent lunch. My solution? Rice salad. I can make a batch in under an hour on Sunday and, voila, enough lunch to keep me fueled for the whole work week. Rice salads are […] More

  • An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away (Recipes Included)

    Apples are not only delicious and an easy snack, but also very healthy in numerous ways. What are the main benefits of eating apples? What are some great apple recipes? Apples are a great source of dietary fiber. As a result, they are believed to reduce the risk of some cancers, they improve the functioning […] More

  • Wheatless Wednesday: Five Gluten-Free Alternatives to Traditional Wheat Pasta

    There’s so much more to the wonderful world of noodles than old-world durum semolina pasta. And no, I’m not talking about substituting stringy spaghetti squash or strips of summer squash for pastalicious goodness.  Did you know there are gluten-free noodles made from rice, soy protein, quinoa, and even sweet potato starch? [social_buttons] More

  • Got Allergies? Try Some GM Rice!

    Have seasonal allergies? Just warm up some genetically modified rice for relief! Researchers at Japan’s National Institute for Agrobiological Sciences in Tsukubahope that you think this solution sounds simply delicious. They’ve developed a rice that could help alleviate the itchiness and watery eyes associated with hayfever. And after safety tests on macaques (monkeys), researchers are […] More

  • Rethinking Food Production for a World of Eight Billion

    by Lester R. Brown In April 2005, the World Food Programme and the Chinese government jointly announced that food aid shipments to China would stop at the end of the year. For a country where a generation ago hundreds of millions of people were chronically hungry, this was a landmark achievement. Not only has China […] More

  • Food Policy Friday: Barack Obama’s Advisors Have Ties to Monsanto

    There’s an organic garden on Barack Obama’s lawn. The First Family eats local, organic, and seasonal food. So why did the President’s scientific advisory team for last fall’s election include Sharon Long, a former member of Monsanto’s board of directors? And why did Obama recently appoint Barbara Schaal, a plant geneticist with connections to Monsanto, […] More

  • Food Policy Friday: Call to Action Against Bayer’s Glufosinate-Resistant LL62 Rice

    The chemical giant Bayer — the same Bayer which brought you aspirin, heroin and mustard gas, and currently manufactures a wide variety of pesticides, herbicides, polyurethanes and other questionable chemicals — has wrapped their toxic fingers around our rice. This is nothing new. The company’s glufosinate-resistant LL62 genetically modified rice isn’t commercially grown, but that […] More

  • Wheatless Wednesday: 6 Alternatives to 87,000 Slices of Bread

    Over the course of a lifetime, the average American consumes over 87,000 slices of bread.  Yes, you read that correctly — eighty seven thousand. That’s more than a loaf per week per person, not counting the additional 5,000 hot dog buns and 12,000 hamburger buns each American devours in his or her life. All that […] More

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