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  • The Long, Long Life of a Plastic Bag (PPB #15)

    According to Becky Stiepe’s guest post at Glue & Glitter, each of us uses about 330 plastic shopping bags a year. All together, that means we go through 90 billion of ’em… and, as the video she found shows, these things live on long after they’ve served their purpose. More

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    7 Environmental Lessons from Living in Europe

    I have lived in Europe on two occasions now — for five months in the Netherlands (two years ago) and for ten months in Poland (currently). I have been green-minded since I was a young child, and knew that Europe did better on many green issues. Nonetheless, to come here and live here has given […] More

  • Recycling Plastic Bags… Because Sometimes You Forget the Reusable Ones

    Got a collection of reusable shopping bags? Same here… but I’ll freely admit that sometimes I forget them, or decide to stop to pick things up when I don’t have them with me. You’re probably in the same boat: despite your best efforts to reduce your use of plastic shopping bags, you’ve still got a […] More

  • Plastic Bag Fees Stalling for Economics or Politics?

    The New York Times reports that various plastic bag-reduction initiatives around the country are stalling – or flatlining – due to economics. The plans in the works in places like Seattle, San Francisco and New York have included charges of 5 to 20 cents per plastic bag – and in some cases, paper bags – […] More

  • ChicoBag – Helping to Green Your Halloween

    I’m seeing a lot out there about greening your Halloween this year. One way to do that is to send your kids off trick-or-treating with a bag that they can use again and again and again. ChicoBag is selling these great little reusable Halloween shopping bags that would also make great bags for kids to […] More