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  • How Much Will it Cost to Save Our Economy’s Foundation?

    Our natural systems are the foundation of our economy. We can roughly estimate how much it will cost to reforest the earth, protect topsoil, restore rangelands and fisheries, stabilize water tables, and protect biological diversity. More

  • Recipe Resource: Veg Box

    Obviously, we love cooking around here, and we love seasonal eats, too! You can imagine my delight when I ran across a recipe website that focuses on helping you cook with seasonal ingredients. Veg Box Recipes is for “people who want recipes that work with veg boxes, farm shops, farmers’ markets and allotments.” Pretty awesome, […] More

  • Environmental Impact of Eating Meat

    New United Nation Food and Agriculture report tells us again that eating meat has perhaps the largest negative environmental impact of any human action. And more than half of the world’s crops are fed to animals. I’ve written on the relationship between eating meat (or being vegetarian) and the environment extensively before. However, there is […] More

  • Announcing Sustainablog Green Investment Resources

    We are excited to announce our new Green Investment subdomain. The site offers practical information for creating a financial plan as well as information on green stocks, green funds and community investment. More importantly, it offers free consultation with green investing professionals. Sustainablog sees socially responsible and green investment is an important strategy for creating social change. […] More

  • Green Community Models: the Ecovillage

    If you ever found yourself forced to define the term “community,” you might find yourself reverting to something akin to Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart’s attempt to define pornography: “I know it when I see it.” While different communities have different purposes, goals, and activities, they’ve all got one thing in common: resource sharing. You […] More