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  • Mongo, Freegan and Dumpster Dive: Continuing The Life Cycle of "Junk"

    Fellow sustainablogger Robin Shreeves recently wrote a great and helpful post — Your Trash Just Doesn’t Disappear, Stupid! (Or How To Make Sure Useful Things Stay Out of Landfills) — that touches on a bit of a phenomenon that piques my interest: mongoing, freeganism, dumpster diving. The term “dumpster diving” probably conjures certain derogatory images: […] More

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    10-Step Guide to Buying a Used Laptop That Works

    Buying second-hand products is always green, but it’s easy to be discouraged by the stories of broken laptops from eBay or Craigslist. To quell these fears, here is a 10-step checklist on how to find a used laptop that isn’t just a high-tech lemon. Most wouldn’t flinch at the idea of buying a used car, […] More