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  • The Easiest Way to Grow Your Own Potatoes

    I gotta admit, I’m something of a lazy gardener. I will always seek out the easiest way to plant vegetables and grow my own food. But I have some good excuses, too: I don’t like tilling soil because it disrupts the soil life, and why would I spend all that time weeding when I can […] More

  • Rethinking Potatoes

    Potatoes have been given a bad name in nutrition – most likely because of the way we prepare them. Before they were turned into french fries, loaded baked potatoes, potatoes au gratin or any of the million other extremely high-calorie bastardizations of potatoes, they started as a healthy and delicious starchy root. More

  • Protato: Genetically Modified Potato

    Back in April, the EU controversially approved a genetically modified potato, and now it looks like scientists are working on yet another GM spud. More

  • Potato Pest Increases Crop Yield Dramatically

    Scientists studying a major potato pest have found that the larvae feeding on tubers can actually increase crop yield. Greenhouse tests indicate that caterpillar saliva increases the marketable yield by up to 2.5 times from a potato plant when less than half the potatoes are infested. More

  • Five for Friday: Green Blog Posts for the Week (6/4/10)

    Yep, the oil spill is still the big story (again, as it should be)… stay tuned for a podcast at Earth & Industry in which David Wescott, Tim Hurst and I discuss it (and I get a little overwrought… I did grow up on the Gulf). But the green blogosphere chugs on… and, as usual, […] More

  • Genetically Modified ‘Frankenstein Potato’ Comes to Europe

    The EU recently approved cultivation of a genetically modified potato through controversial means. [social_buttons] Since I’m living in Europe now, I have been slightly comforted to know that genetically modified (GM) crops could not be grown here. I thought that at least one small continent could remain free of this very unnatural phenomenon. Of course, […] More

  • Pesticides That Buy Time

    [social_buttons] This is the third in a series of posts talking about crop-by-crop reasons that pesticides are used.  These are reasons that go beyond just protecting the yield of the crop and the inputs of land, water, fertilizer and labor that go into farming – reasons that pesticides are a key part of “sustainability.” On […] More

  • Are Large, For-Profit Corporations Intrinsically Less Ethical?

    [social_buttons] In the comment streams on my blog posts there is a recurrent theme from one segment of the respondents – they have a deep distrust in the large companies that are involved in modern agricultural technology.  They don’t believe these companies will behave ethically because they are for profit entities “only answerable to their […] More

  • McDonald’s “Pesticide Conundrum” and the Solution it Will Probably Not Pursue (Part 2)

    [social_buttons] This is a follow-up to a previous blog about a pesticide reduction commitment that McDonalds has made and why that will be challenging in terms of their potato supplies and quality. Roundup Ready® soybeans were commercialized in 1996 and quickly came to dominate plantings in the US, Argentina and Brazil. NewLeaf® insect resistant potatoes were […] More

  • McDonald’s “Pesticide Conundrum” and the Solution it Will Probably Not Pursue (Part 1)

    [social_buttons] Companies with prominent, valuable, consumer “brands” are prime targets for activists because these entities cannot afford to ignore threats that might hurt their public image. Remember Nike and the foreign “sweat shop” issue. Consumer brands don’t get much bigger or more valuable than that of McDonald’s. To its credit, based on outside pressure or […] More

  • Meatless Mondays: Carrot Potato Pancakes and Crispy Veggie Fritters

    Carrots straight from the farm are dirty little freaks. Knobbly, hairy, misshapen and covered in soil, these root vegetables bear no resemblance to the neon orange and uniformly shaped clones found in your average supermarket plastic bag. But I love knowing where the vegetables came from and supporting local farms through my veg bag of […] More

  • Three Easy Mashed Potato Recipes

    Ah, comfort foods. Whether you’re snowed in with the winter blues, sick as a dog, or suffering from a sadness that only carbs can fix, comfort foods make us feel warm and relaxed. I had a painful run-in with the dentist this weekend, so not only am I craving a little comfort, but something soft […] More