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  • How To Turn Plastic Bottles Into Twine [Video]

    As a good greenie, I’d argue that plastic bottles are one of those things we should think about mostly in terms of “reduce” rather than the normal “recycle.” But I also use them: I generally don’t buy bottled water or soft drinks, but I can’t say “never,” either. And, of course, my pantry and fridge […] More

  • SodaBIB: the Plastic Roof Made from Reused Materials

    We often refer to our homes as “the roof over our heads”… but, unless it needs repair, we generally don’t give much thought to our actual roofs. That’s often not the case in the developing world, where makeshift roofing of materials like corrugated tin often provides minimal protection in normal conditions… and often none when disasters like hurricanes strike. The SodaBIB system addresses some of the most common problems with roofing in the world’s poorest areas. More

  • upcycled bird feeder

    5 Upcycled Bird Feeders

    Want to get the kids involved in environmentally-themed projects? These DIY upcycled bird feeder ideas are simple and educational. More

  • The Manufactured Demand for Bottled Water [VIDEO]

    Why do people drink bottled water? Bottled water makes about as much sense as shipping in ice from Antarctica. Learn about manufactured demand from a video made by the people at The Story of Stuff. More

  • Recycled Plastic: Boats, Greenhouses, and More

    A couple of weeks ago, I ran the book fair at my boys’ school. This is the fifth year I’ve been in charge of the fair, and the fifth year that I’ve brought home the plastic table cloths that are part of the fair kit I’m sent. They are in perfectly good condition, and I […] More